Saturday, December 13, 2008

I R Here

We're finally in Port Canaveral. The hotel Suzy got us is gorgeous. We got a late start since I goofed off before I got ready to go and the drive was a little over 6 hours. We just ate dinner at Cracker Barrel. If we get arrested it's cause we blew threw a toll booth since we didn't have correct change. Who puts a toll booth up without a human in it? At least the car in front of us did the same thing since no one had any coins. We're spent them at the last 4 toll booths. It's in the 60's here which is great since it's in the 40's at home. We sail out tomorrow at 4 pm. I'm fixing to watch some SNL and chill a while. I'm ready to go but I wish we were going to Nassau first instead of Freeport. I am ready to do some shopping! See you all Thurs!

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