Friday, December 19, 2008

Monday - Port Lucaya (Freeport Bahamas)

Monday we arrived in Port Lucaya which is Freeport, Bahamas. What is neat is that they have pink sand on their beaches. It's white with tiny pink sand in it from the shells. We brought some home since we have a collection from places we've visited.

This stock photo doesn't truly show how beautiful it is. Anyway, we did some shopping and they had one of those timeshare tours where you get a bunch of free stuff if you go. Since we do the majority of our sightseeing and shopping in Nassau we decided we'd do it.

We could have actually got a timeshare there. The per month fee with no money down was totally affordable. However, we didn't want to make a 10 year commitment on something that serious. But for $143 a month it could have been ours. We could have gotten free excursions or massages if we'd had time but we got 3 bottles of rum and 4 t-shirts just for hanging out there an hour.

Just like last time there were very expensive fish swimming right in their marinas. Fish we'd have to pay top dollar for to put in our fish tanks. The tour girl (who was gorgeous) said they liked fried chicken and would come up to the dock to eat it. By the way, she bought my Ed Hardy necklace off of me since I had originally got a couple extra to sell on eBay. LOL Oddly, we found no Ed Hardy knockoffs in The Bahamas at all.

Here's some neat trivia...gas in The Bahamas just went down to $3.60 per gallon and since everything is imported from Florida, milk is $6.79 per gallon.

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