Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sierra Adventure Gear

Sierra Adventure Gear has everything you need for the adventurous person in your life. From camping tools to outdoor navigation, you’ll find whatever you need for an outdoor adventure.

Two men who love the outdoors and know exactly what type of equipment people are looking for formed Sierra Adventure Gear. They’ve traveled all over the world from California’s deserts to the Artic and they want to share with their customers how exciting, yet safe outdoor life can be.

Not only can you find everything you need for an exciting excursion, you also get great prices and free shipping on orders over $75. You can’t beat that deal! Browse the many different brands they carry on their site. Trusted brands such as Brunten, Columbia, Leatherman, MagLight and Victorinox are just a small portion of the many brands of equipment that is offered on their site. The site is easy to navigate and prices are listed with each item so there are no surprises when you click to add something to your shopping cart. They also offer a handy customer service form for you to fill out if you have any questions and they ask that you feel free to share your outdoor adventures with them.

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