Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full moon indeed

Tonight was the brightest full moon of the year. We couldn't see it well due to the cloud coverage but I do believe it was true. We left Starbucks tonight and was sitting at a red light when we hear a car come screeching around the corner then a loud bang. It barely missed us and slammed into the car behind us. We called 911 on Onstar (they took forever to answer, good thing zombies weren't trying to steal the truck or we'd been screwed) and went probably a mile or two down the road and saw another big wreck. Things were just weird tonight.

I am slowly getting stuff back on my PC but still lost a bunch. I can't find license keys to my Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop and still have a sick feeling that I lost all that data for the movies and books. But, everything happens for a reason and I shouldn't complain since I do have a new PC.

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