Monday, January 12, 2009

Only I could do this

Tonight I had just done my nails and let's just say I have tiny fingernails. I have the acrylic fake ones and sometimes one pops off. I was scratching my ear with my little finger when a fingernail pops off in my ear. I tried to get it out and the more I tried, the deeper it went into my ear.

I got R to try and it did the same thing. Now I'm picturing a hospital visit, a huge bill, eardrum damage, you name it.

Finally we get a paperclip and use the end of it. He puts the clip under the fingernail and gets it out with tweezers. Thank God! Could anyone do this other than me? I mean really!


Anonymous said...

NO I DID THAT! Just before Christmas and at work! I grabbed a co-worker that was a "mom" and we got some tweezers and extracted it. Good lesson in never poked objects into one's ears! DUH! You're not alone!

Unknown said...

let's call it the kimmy effect.

Anonymous said...

Actually my husband's niece has done that twice with a Q-tip. Gotten the cotton part so wedged in her ear she did have to go to emergency to have it removed. Not once, but twice mind you so don't feel bad, weird things can happen to anyone, lol.


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