Tuesday, January 20, 2009

piercings and tattoos

We went out tonight and stopped by the tattoo shop on the beach to look at stuff. I want to get a small ambrigam on my inner forearm. R is getting one too but a dolphin on his arm. It's pretty, like a black outline and only the water is color. Anyway, I have an ear cartilage piercing and I wanted to start only wearing stainless steel since my ears are very sensitive. They had to stretch it so it's like getting it pierced all over somewhat. He put a needle through that gets bigger and then threaded the stainless steel hoop through my air. Once this heals it shouldn't give me any more problems. I'll keep you all posted on the tattoo but I'm pretty excited. For those that don't like em, like I said, I want it small and with no color. Just a word ambrigam on my arm, I think they look awesome. :)

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