Monday, January 26, 2009

We got em

We got our tattoos tonight and will send pictures shortly. R went bigger, his is gorgeous! I did just the outline of the words Dei Gratia in an ambrigram and can get it filled in for free any time I wish after it heals. To be honest, it didn't hurt at all till near the end when she kept having to go over the outlines to make them fill out more. I was pleasantly surprised that it felt just like J told me, someone scratching my skin. I think the worst part was when they rub it with a paper towel to get up excess ink as they're doing it. This was our present to each other albeit a couple of weeks late. Mine is in a place where I can cover it up by wearing longer sleeves or just a long sleeved shirt. R's is where he can wear even a short sleeved shirt and it not be seen. The artists were awesome and we had a wonderful time talking to them while getting it done. We each had our own person. Anyway, pictures to come in a day or so and if you don't like tattoos that's okay, I like them.

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