Thursday, February 5, 2009

Arguments can be funny

I was talking with someone tonight and they told me about an argument that cracked me up. I was thinking of a couple of things that are funny to me. I shall not use names to protect the guilty. I once got into an argument with someone and they were being very hateful so I knew if I called them trailer trash (please no one get upset if you live in one, this was to them, not to you) they'd get upset. Except I'd just gotten my tongue pierced so I lisped. It came out twailer twash. The effect was the same though. LOL

The other is a certain someone who I fuss with and if they say something that they mess up I'll say, "That makes absolutely no sense at all." Then they'll say, "Oh sorry, I didn't go to COLLEGE." ROFL!

See? Arguments can be quite amusing.

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