Sunday, February 15, 2009

Free back rub!

We were at Walmart earlier and they had this pet hair remover display. So I was trying it out since my dogs had got my shirt slightly hairy. Anyway, this couple comes up and he wants to try it so long story short he starts rubbing my back with it. His wife is like, "I bet that feels good!" ROFL!!! Actually it did but I digress. So he rubs my back forever with this thing and then declares it doesn't work. I guess I still had a hairy back. heh! At least I got a free back rub.


Anonymous said...

What was the name of the product? I have seen the Pledge product, but it looks like a waste of money. I have also used the Fur-Zoff and it works pretty well. The website is That's a pretty funny story!

Karsun said...

I don't recall the name exactly but it was by Pledge also.


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