Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mardi Gras - warning: immature humor

No pictures yet but some to come. We were in the parade today and it was awesome. Who knew that a gross of beads was not enough? I mean that's 720 beads! Plus, we had some others we threw so say about 1000 total. The place was packed but the weather turned out beautiful.

After the parade we had a party on the Betsy Ann River Boat. I saw the neatest drink/shooter that they had plenty of. It's called a blow job. I kid you not. What you do is put the end into your mouth and another person blows the liquor down your throat. Imagine the jokes we thought of while trying to find these locally. Stuff like, "Do you have blowjobs?, can we buy a blowjob? can I have a blowjob?" and if we want to share our drink, "Do you want a blowjob?" Hilarity ensues.

I have tiara syndrome. Part of what I wore was a tiara and I swear I did not want to take that thing off. If I like the pictures I'll share. I just got my hair cut and done yesterday and that tiara sure did look fine on my head. Now I know why girls buy them and wear them at their wedding or prom. If I ever have another wedding like vows renewal I am sooooo getting a tiara.

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