Monday, February 23, 2009

Mickey Rourke was robbed

I love Sean Penn but come on, Mickey Rourke should have won for best actor. The Wrestler was awesome and so real. I think he should have definitely won but I feel like the industry still thinks of him as white trash that showed up at an elite party. Not everyone, but some. Great job of Penn paying homage to Mickey. Sean Penn's a great guy and an excellent actor. I will say that the Oscars this year was great. I love watching them but this seemed more current and enjoyable. I hardly had to FF through much at all. Hugh Jackman was great as well and I loved the storybook of each genre. Should have had horror too but small steps...

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Colleen said...

Oh yes the Mick was robbed bigtime!
I admire Penn for mentioning him though and I know they are friends but I dont know if Mick will get another chance like this again but the Wrestler did make 26 million and will do well on DVD so he can bring some bank to the table I read somewhere he is getting other offers so at least he wont be broke again!


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