Thursday, February 19, 2009

Various stuff

-Got the IRS stuff straightened out supposedly. Now it's being deposited on Friday so we'll see. The agent was rather rude though.

-Had the best dinner for R and C's birthdays. I had the fish, shrimp and crawfish jambalaya in cream sauce with puff pastry. It was divine! We ate at Baja Grill at Pier Park.

-We have a big storm right now. It just set the car alarm off and I had to close the door. On the plus side it's 70 outside. I just know it's supposed to get cold once the rain is done. I am sick of winter.

-I got my Yoga DVD in the mail so let's see how that goes. I was torn between Pilates and Yoga so we'll see which I like best after I try this.

-Sold both our other phones to make room for the Blackberry(s) and what is cool is that we always get more for our phones than we pay for new ones. I like that part.

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