Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Website Design for Idiots

Web Design for Idiots is web design for idiots main page website tutorials for people who don’t know much about web design or are new to the whole thing. The site is very user friendly and combines sharp wit with genuine knowledge. There’s a place for learning where to host and then how to use things like tables and indexes. The site is also very eye-pleasing and has a categories list so you can link right to the place you want to learn more such as SEO and graphics. The webmaster even states that she will be putting up tutorials as she goes so as she learns something, so will you.
Even though I design websites myself, I looked over the site in depth since you can never have too much knowledge on a subject and like her, I’m a hack too. One of the coolest things she offers is a phone call chat if you need help. While this service isn’t free, when are they? She even has a contact form where you let her know what you need help with first then she will let you know if she can help you. This is a great idea because you can talk to a live person who seems friendly and helpful.


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