Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boating safety

Boating and Alcohol Don't Mix
Did you know that operating a boat under the influence of alcohol is a crime just like if you drove your vehicle while drunk? It seems that most people should know that but some do not. In both instances, the legal limit is .08 and you can be fined or jailed for drinking while boating. Some places, such as Lake Havasu has saturation checkpoints. These are similar to checkpoints where you drive. You are waved over and should stop for the officer. Once they check the driver of the boat to ensure that they are sober, you’re well on your way to a fun time.

In Arizona alone there were 33 alcohol related accidents. Imagine the numbers for the entire country. There were 357 arrests so that’s quite a number of accidents that were prevented. Keep our waterways safe by always observing smart boating practices. If you plan to drink, let someone else do the driving that plans to remain sober. It’s not worth risking your health or life just for a few drinks. Why not have fun while still being sober? Not only is it smart judgment, it’s the law as well. Make sure that you are safe not just for yourself, but for everyone out on the water.

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