Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An exciting movie day

Tomorrow Marley and Me, Seven Pounds and all of the 8 Films to Die For come out on DVD. I can't wait! I want the 8 Films for my birthday and Best Buy has an awesome deal which makes them less than $8 each. (or whatever 8 into $70 is) I have Marley and Me coming from Amazon but it says it's being delivered on 4/9 so I might get it and just send the Amazon one back for a credit. Why do I have to wait 9 more days? I'm not sure about Seven Pounds yet since I haven't seen it, I'm just saying that it's a cool release day with everything that's coming out.

We might stop by the doctor tomorrow. R is still sick and sunburned too. He went to the air show (that reminds me to do the pics soon) and they were giving out free sunscreen which he laughed about. Now he's sunburned. He said he should put that on FML. LOL

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