Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last House on the Left

We saw this today and it was pretty darn good but it did have its cons as well as its pros.

It's Last House on the Left for Pete's sake!
It was modernized so it lost some of the 70's cheese factor that only 70's horror has
I love the actors/actresses in it

It had a brutal rape that was almost as realistic as Irreversible and while they showed that in bright color, the scenes with the parents were in the dark.
I hate dark movies!
They removed two very key parts that were infamous in the first. One involves the infamous oral sex scene and the other involved Sadie and the first girl, not Mary. It's a rather gross scene but still very much a part of LHOTL.

Now I can't recall if Mary survived in the first one or not since I only watch this about once a decade due to its depressive nature. Someone might clear that up for me.
I found it funny that a whole family left during the rape scene. Did they not see the first movie? If so, did they not read the ratings that listed that? Not sure but if they could have lasted through that uncomfortable part they would have been home free. I found it interesting that Wes Craven didn't redo it like I thought, he only produced it. All in all I did like it a lot, it just did have its faults. I'd give it a 7/10.

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