Monday, March 9, 2009

Lord help me

I have been on the phone with Amazon five times this weekend and a vendor about 3 to 4 times due to Amazon. I got a $340 gift certificate, spent about $180 of it and Amazon wouldn't let me buy anything else. I kept getting an e-mail saying my item had been canceled. After 5 phone calls they figure it out and for my trouble I got a $5 gift certificate amount. Sheesh! I won't go into the details because I'm annoyed but all is well now....supposedly. We'll know in a couple of hours because that's how long their tech problem e-mail takes to show up.

Got a new site to do which is Coram's and no, it isn't really started yet but you can look all you want.

Why is it when you have some money then it rains money? I'm so not complaining but it's strange. We got a refund from Chase due to an overpayment on our escrow, I got the check for the site, work was busy, I got the Amazon GC and we went to Starbucks and was given free drinks and some of the Vivannos for free. I am truly blessed this month.

Now if only we both weren't sick it'd be perfect. R is sick now too. I'm getting better and he's getting worse. :(

I want to do some better videos of the dogs, etc. Between us being sick and all that we didn't do any other than my lame one video but we will. And wait'll summer when we can do some pool videos. You all will be tired of them.

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