Monday, March 2, 2009

Pregnancy beauty products

Beaute de Maman beauty products are what the celebrity moms are talking about. They’re safe for your baby and yourself and that’s of the upmost importance when trying out beauty products. Beaute de Maman Beauty Products use only natural and herbal ingredients so the mother to be can feel safe and assured that her baby is not harmed by harsh chemicals or toxins.

They have any kind of product a mother to be needs such as face scrub, stretch mark cream or body cream. Each product is fully tested and evaluated before it ever reaches the public. I thought the gift box set for pregnant women looked really nice. It includes stretch mark cream, nipple cream and facial scrub, all in one convenient gift set.

The creator of the products is Dr. Michele Brown, who is a Yale trained doctor. As an OB/GYN she understands the importance of products specifically for pregnant women and worked to create a line of products you can trust. Dr. Brown has a very busy obstetrical business in Stamford Connecticut and deals with pregnancies all the time. This gives her the insight that along with an organic chemist she worked closely with to create a product she believes in.
order now and see what the celebrities are talking about!

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