Saturday, March 28, 2009


Is randomness even a word? I guess so since spell check didn't flag it.

My head is going to explode. Whatever this is has sent microscopic trolls up my nose, into my head where they are hammering away and playing rock music. My mom thinks I am allergic to my pets but R has it too and all the people at his job so it's whatever is going around. I took some Allevert and it seems to be subsiding a bit. That, or the the trolls are taking a nap.

I got my Cher Uninhibited perfume in the mail. It's not made anymore and hasn't been for years so I have to find it places like eBay and specialty stores. Now before you go and say, "Cher? Are you serious?" this is the only perfume where people would stop me in stores and ask what I was wearing. I would have someone almost daily ask me. This stuff rocks, seriously.

The rain is awful here. There's another huge band coming through shortly and I have a Writer's Research training class at 2 for the new guide styles. I'm going to attach a screen shot.

I have been getting all of my stuff from Amazon from the gift certificates I got so I think UPS and the mailman think we're drug dealers or something. Every day there's tons of items. We've almost got them all though.

Saw Midnight Meat Train by Clive Barker last night. Really good movie, very gory and if you know Clive Barker then you know it was way out there.

What I'm reading: Castaways and Dead to the World.

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