Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stop, thief!

Donner is a thief, I know that. He brings me pens that are mine, socks (socksesses at our house they're called), wrappers, you name it. Today I decided to make some brownies that had this fudge packet that goes on top. I had the packet on the counter till they cooked. Now mind you this packet wasn't opened and I had not paid special attention to it. However, when I went back in to get said fudge packet it was gone and so was Donner. I can't find it and hopefully he can't get into it since it was sealed and you had to cut it to open it. The brownies were still good and he's not sick so I think he hid it. We have to put up everything harmful from him but I didn't realize he'd know what was in the foil sealed packet. Maybe he doesn't and just wanted to steal it.

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