Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A thank you my friends who took the time to e-mail, comment and instant message me a send me "get well" wishes. Only one person said I was sick all the time and I will mourn Erik's loss in friendship. LOL Just kidding. I am feeling somewhat better just not great yet. I am up late and will head to bed shortly and get some undisturbed rest I hope. I did an article and my banking...oh, and some laundry. I also played games, which relaxes me. That or it gives me carpal tunnel syndrome. One or the other.


-They can put Danny and Adam on American Idol as the top two and end it all now because no one is as good as those two IMO.
-It's supposed to warm up to the upper 60's today but it's 37 right now so it better get to warming.
-Why do I sleep better in the daytime than night? I think my schedule is all screwed up.
-I mispronounce words sometimes and it's hilarious. My word tonight was puree. I said Pure-ee and it's pure-a. I also say aloom-nie for alumni. I crack me up. Sometimes no matter how hard I fight it I really do sound about as country as you can get and it just kills me. Add the accent with frequent trips to Wal-mart and you get the picture.
-Big Love made me sad the other night. I was really starting to like Kathy and that was just awful. And on her wedding day as well. :( I can't wait for the finale although I'll miss the show. I will also miss Secret Diary of a Call Girl which ends this Sunday for the season. They should make them all longer: Big Love, Weeds, Call Girl and Dexter. BTW, I still miss Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, Oz and the Sopranos.

I just noticed that I talk too much. Maybe I'm delirious because it really is bedtime.

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