Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost ready

Alrighty, my test is just a little over an hour away and I am done, free, no more school. I am thrilled. I've studied and I think I know enough to pass it well. A lot of stuff is things I already know about somewhat like Maya Polombe and Santeria as well as Vampirism. It's the Al Qaeda stuff that is harder to remember but even that is pretty embedded in my head. Except why is it also spelled Al Quida? Now there's something to ponder over. It's hot here today too. I just turned on the a/c for the first time since last year. It's only 79 outside but the sun is shining bright and the heat index is 81. Now if it'd only stay warm at night we could use the pool. Maybe soon!


There are some great new hip hop artists out right now called Icebloc. Their music has a great sound with lots of awesome bass so you can ride around and feel the music as well as experience it. Their new album, KRANKMUZIK, is full of heart pounding sounds and thought provoking lyrics. I especially liked Drop Roll and Put it in the Air. Both would sound great pumping out of my speakers during a nice, summer drive to the beach.
With influences from Lil Wayne to Ludacris and Eminem, they’ve become a real part of the hip-hop talent in the Virginia, Maryland and DC areas. Now we’ll see them take the rest of the country by storm. They’ve played in all kinds of popular venues in that area and have an awesome website that showcases their talent. I looked at some of the radio stations they are playing on and their reach is from Jacksonville Florida to Baltimore Maryland. If you like hip hop music you should check out their sound because it’s hot. They have a blog, a YouTube page and are available on MySpace, Twitter and Facebook, among other social networking sites. They’re here to make their presence known and what a presence it is!


I am annoyed today

Today I woke up technology challenged. My main phone line goes straight to voice mail and while I have power, I have no dial tone. I'm sure there's something unplugged or whatever but I can't seem to figure it out. Then my cell phone was ringing but not out loud. It'd just vibrate. I finally fixed that problem but still haven't fixed my main phone yet. I'll have to wait until R gets home and see what he thinks. I have another final exam today and need to pick up the KOSA newsletter and I'm frazzled.

Get in shape and help with breast cancer

Right now you can help with a good cause and get into shape by going to BeeWell Miles and logging the miles you run or walk. For every mile that you log in they will donate 0.15 cents to the Breast Cancer Network. What is really neat is that you can even calculate your mileage with their site by entering your address and walking area. Not only that but they also have support if you are trying to get healthy. You can also find calorie information on what you eat and join a forum to meet others just like you, trying to get in shape. A lot of sites have the healthy options and help with getting in shape but BeeWell Miles offers money to help with breast cancer research so that is a double incentive to join up. Here is another incentive though. When you log in each day and log your miles, you are automatically entered in to win one of the 15,000 prizes they are giving away. So what better way to start getting in shape but to help others while doing so? Maybe you can even get friends and family involved and be on your way to helping others while getting in shape.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Salt Lamps?

Has anyone heard of Salt Lamps? I just got a catalog the yesterday that offers them so I did some research. Here is a link that explains what they are. Anyway, I just had to get one. I'll let you all know if they work but they sound pretty darn cool if I must say so myself. Supposedly when you turn them on they release negative ions which are good for things like killing dust mites and upper respiratory health. They also function as a humidifier. How cool is that? I've mostly read good reviews so we'll see.

Manta Ride at Sea World

Sea World has an awesome new attraction opening very very soon. It’s the Manta attraction and you can win a front of the line pass as part of their promotion. All you have to do is go to the Manta link and click participate and win and join in on the fun games there for you to try. You can try all kinds of things, there’s six to choose from. You can take a manta quiz, submit photos to Flickr, fill your row which is e-mailing your friends and telling them about the event, submit to youtube, make a manta mask, and follow and tweet. It’s that simple!
Manta is very unique. It’s a ride and an adventure. You start with seeing the underwater paradise with fish and rays in a huge aquarium. You’ll be totally surrounded. Then you’ll fly through the air on the ride of your life. It’s a coaster like no other. There’s over 3000 animals that habitat in Manta. You’ll see it all up close and personal and with the interactive fun on their site, you can get a front of the line pass. Imagine skipping a line with a huge wait, you can do that by going to the Manta site and playing!


I passed

I had one test today and I already see the grade posted so I passed that class. Just one more to go on Thursday and I'm home free till the fall. I'm not overly concerned with my Religious Terror and Ritualistic Crime class since I have an 86 in there but I'll be studying up tomorrow. I'm so happy because I feel like I can get more things done. Not that school took up all of my time but that's one less thing to worry about twice a week.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Organic lawn care

Lawn problems are a real pain and living here in Florida, I know a lot about those issues. I found an organic fertilizer in ringer fertilizer. What I like about organic fertilizer is that we have pets and although they’re in the backyard, I’d like to make that area grassier and less weeds and dirt. It’s hard with dogs but at least if I put out organic fertilizer then I shouldn’t have to worry over them being poisoned by it. Since their products are chemical free, that makes me feel better about using it around our pets. Even in the front yard there are doves and cats (what a mix!) that wander in so I would even want to be careful there as well. I think our yard could definitely use some fertilizer since we do get a lot of weeds and the Florida sun really wrecks havoc on the pretty green grass that I’d like to have. With the organic fertilizer it just sounds like the most natural way of fertilizing my lawn while keeping it safe for animals and the environment. Each 25lb bag does 2500 square feet and has a slow release formula that helps the grass grow and the weeds not grow.

My birthday

I had a pretty nice birthday. I still haven't gone out to dinner with R yet but that's okay since he has been sick today. We did go out Sat night. His mom took me out to dinner and we had an awesome meal. I still have birthday money so that's pretty cool. I also watched one of my 8 Films to Die For on my birthday. This one was Slaughter and I enjoyed it although it's quite depressing. R says I never get happy movies. LOL

Wilmington NC real estate

If you’re looking for Wilmington NC Real Estate then Coastal Carolina Properties is the place to go. Not only do they have years of experience, they also support the Columbus Humane Society so they’re efficient as well as compassionate. Their website is gorgeous and easy to navigate and they can find you what you are looking for in the Wilmington area. You can search for homes and if you love the water, they specialize in coastal properties so you’re sure to find the perfect home for you and your family. Why not go with a real estate company that can treat you right?

Captain Trips perhaps?

This flu thing is out of hand. R and I have been sick forever it seems and he's been throwing up all day. I went online and it seems that if you do a search for "I've been sick with the flu for over a month" you'd be surprised at home many posts you pull up. Now there's this swine flu thing going on and that's just downright scary. I sure hope this summer clears things up and we both can be at 100% instead of a lower percentage depending on the day of the week like we have been. I'm feeling better but still coughing like crazy. The good news is that it's clear. No infection at least. Poor R has thrown up like 3 times now. He also has a CPO class Tues, Wed & Thurs so hopefully he feels better.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My faux pas

I have a friend that is Jewish. Growing up here in redneck country I didn't meet any Jewish people till I got online. He is a great person that always remembers my holidays and I try to reciprocate. Recently I saw that it was Yom Hashoah and decided to wish him a happy Yom Hashoah on his Facebook page. Later, he writes to thank me but explains that wishing him a happy Yom Hashoah would be like wishing someone a happy 9/11. It turns out that Yom Hashoah is a day of remembrance of the holocaust. Boy did I feel stupid! No harm done since he's so nice and knew I had good intentions but I would have never done that. Next time I better look up the meanings of certain Jewish dates so I don't insult any of my Jewish friends.

Roofing work in Little Rock

Looking for Little Rock Roofing? Look no further than Specialty Services. The people at Specialty Services have been in the roofing business for over 70 years so they have the experience and professionalism to help you get the best service on a new or repaired roof.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is sort of a test since I can't seem to get my Swanky Pup article to publish. I got the giggles a minute ago. I was telling a friend how my down comforter has this tiny hole in it so when the dogs jump on the bed or plop down on it it goes poof and all these down feathers fly out. It's hilarious but we do need to sew it. Anyway, let's see if this posts and enjoy the visual.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Remodeling in Houston

Have a home in Texas and looking for a remodeling contractor? Well, if you’re near Houston, then Houston Remodeling is for you. Did you know that the average home in America is around 33 years old? No matter what age home you have, you’ll eventually needs things like a new roof or new windows. You might even want to redo your entire kitchen. The point is Houston Remodeling knows the business. They have the experience you need and can plan things from your budget to deciding if you need a loan to help with your project. Not only will a remodeling project raise the value of your home but it can ensure that you are safer and more secure. With inclement weather, no one needs a roof that leaks or can be damaged by a storm. Frank Edwards at All About Remodeling is ready for you to call. They provide free estimates and can help you out when making such a large decision. Their site has information that you will find handy in your remodeling project, not to mention that they can help you the whole way through that stages of your project. Don’t go with someone with less experience and higher costs.

Broadway Playbills

I found something I had to have and it's a short collection since it only took 3 eBay wins to get over 440 playbills and the total was under $30. You can't beat that. I plan to put a few in a framed collage and the rest in a binder. Here's what some of them look like. The prettiest one so far has been Phantom of the Opera. This is from the auction I won so I don't think this guy will mind me advertising him on here.

Monday, April 20, 2009

PMBOK Templates

Project Management Docs has PMBOK Templates ready for you to use and best of all, they’re free! No matter what the project, you can get them here and at no cost.

The Twins' Birthday

Sunday was the twins' birthday so we had a little cake and presents for them. I have a few pictures here on the last page. They had a great time and loved the cake and toys. Of course we gave Swan some as well, which she guarded with an Emily Rose face. :)

Restaurant financing available

Looking into Restaurant Financing? Advance Restaurant Finance does just that. They focus on short term loans, business loans and restaurant loans and are there for the small and medium sized businesses, not some corporate place with thousands of employees. They are there for you, the small business owner. Why have to take on a partner when you can do business with Advance Restaurant Finance and keep control of your business? They offer flexible financing and have competitive rates. They even specialize in business owners of restaurants and retail stores that don’t have perfect credit. Their application process is easy and fast, you’ll know something in no time. They also don’t make your loan payments go up just because your business is making more money. How are you supposed to make a profit if that happens? That extra money should go into your pocket, not a finance company’s bank.

Advanced Restaurant Finance has been around since they were founded in 2001 and are licensed by the state of California. They also have offices Florida and Texas but provide financing for all 50 states. They employee professionals that have experience in restaurant finance so why go with someone who may charge you more?

Dinner Mishap

R was making his seafood and sausage puff pastry dish that goes in these Anchor Hocking dishes. At the last minute or so before they were done we hear this loud noise. When we open up the oven, one of the dishes had shattered into hundreds of pieces, with the dinner all over the oven. Ugh! We had to pick up glass and then R cleaned up the food out of the bottom of the oven once it cooled. Totally not cool. There's no way those should have busted like that. We split the other one and it was enough but it sure was a mess. We threw the other dish away as well.

IT Courses

If you’re an IT professional and looking for Microsoft Certification, QuickCert is the place to go. They offer self study training and certification materials so you can get your IT certification and do it right from home. Best of all, they guarantee that you’ll pass their course or you get your money back. Not many places offer such a guarantee. You can even try their courses for free just to see how well it is a fit for your busy lifestyle. Just fill out your information and try a demo at no cost. With their all-inclusive training you can’t go wrong.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am loved

We have this neighbor that is fairly new. I think he's already been kicked out of the house but anyway, he always wants to use our phone. I don't mind if I'm up and all that. So yesterday he comes over and uses the phone. After he is done he is so grateful and starts thanking me profusely, telling me if we need anything to take a number down (his friend's phone) and he'll be there for us. Awwww! But then as he is leaving he says, "I love you, bye." ROFL My neighbor said he loved me all because I let him use the phone. It's creepy and sweet all at the same time. More creepy than sweet but no biggie, he'll never read this.

ATV Rollover help

Recently there have been numerous injuries in the Yamaha Rhino ATV due to its instability and tendency to roll over, even at low speeds. The design of the Rhino is defective. What happens is that torque force is applied when going around corners, causing the ATV to topple over. Many drivers have had their legs broken or crushed by sticking them out of the vehicle when starting to roll. This not only does not stop the ATV from rolling over, their legs become trapped and crushed. Although Yamaha has offered doors and passenger handholds free of charge, they are not admitting that their design is faulty. They are not even saying that these are features that should have been included in the first place; they are implying that they are offering these as a special, like they are on the customer’s side. Yamaha Rhino Rollover have happened to many users.
If you feel that you may roll over, it’s safer to brace yourself firmly and keep a tight hold on the steering wheel. Be sure not to put any limb outside of the ATV.
Mark & Associates are representing people who have been injured in Rhino ATV accidents. They are here to show you that you have rights and if your case qualifies, they will represent you against Yamaha. Don’t be a victim, you have the power.


Friday, April 17, 2009


I like those little sayings like, "Cut off your nose to spite your face." But there are a few I'm not sure of because I grew up hearing different versions. Like one such version was two to tangle. Now I know it's two to tango but that's not how I heard it so here are some I wonder about.

Is it butt naked or buck naked?

Bald face lie (i bet that's the wrong one) or bold faced lie?

Well, now I can't think of the others but those are two I'm not sure of.

Date a millionaire

Always wondered about dating a millionaire ? With Millionaire Flirt you can find a millionaire to date. There are real millionaires and who knows, you might just find the perfect guy or girl for you. It’s always important to find true love but it doesn’t hurt if your true love is filthy rich!

Farm Town

My friends kept driving me nuts about this game on Facebook and when I finally joined up just to appease them, I got hooked. Darn you friends for making me addicted to another game to take up my time with mindless fun. I swear I am loving it now. Yes, I send out free trees and animals! Let's hope there's not another game on there I have to play. I play enough games as it is. LOL

Dallas AC and roofing work

If you’re looking for Dallas HVAC-Air-Conditioning then Extreme Heating & Air & Roofing is the place to go. They have over 19 years of experience in air conditioning and 9 in roofing and are there to make you a satisfied customer, not just out there for a quick buck. A good contractor can be hard to find but they have the experience and professionalism. They have helped in hurricane affected areas such as Louisiana, Texas and all of the southern states. They are there when you need them. They offer free quotes on all their services such as roofing replacement, and air conditioning replacement so you really don’t have anything to lose by calling them out for an estimate.
In fact, they can work on your existing system and it might just save you the cost of replacing an entire AC system, saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. They have testimonials on their site so you can see what other customers have to say about their professionalism and service. They specialize in air conditioning service, air conditioning replacement, roofing repairs and roofing replacement so there’s something for all of your needs when it comes to heating and cooling and your roof.

I am so busy

I have 3 more WRG articles to write, some paid blogging and a 5 page paper on terrorists, all due this week. Well, all due by next Thursday. I did get one WRG article done today and one last night so just 3 more and that's done. The paper, once I get to writing I'll be fine. I just have to get started. I hope it's a double spaced paper, I had to ask someone first.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Free psychic readings

Ready to get a free psychic reading? Free Psychic Online has free tarot reading and many other choices such as free dream analysis and an aura reading. I have always thought that an aura reading would be cool. I’ve had a tarot reading before and let me tell you, she was right on the money so don’t think that these things don’t work and at no cost, what do you have to lose? Not to mention how fun it’ll be whether you believe or not but if you do, that just makes it an even better opportunity. Try it out and see what your future holds.


I found a really cool application on Facebook that allows me to add my favorite music and create a playlist that I can listen to while working. I thought it was really neat because it had bands like Zebra that I usually can't find. BTW, Zebra was this awesome 80's metal band. I first heard them on a K-Tel record called Masters of Metal. Actually it was a cassette but I digress. Use the arrows to scroll through types of music.

San Diego Home Inspections

If you’re looking for San Diego home inspection inspection somewhere close to San Diego, you should try Nation Wide Inspections. They’re a home inspection place that has prices that can’t be beat. Even if you’re just considering getting a home inspection you should give them a call and see what the experts have to say. Nation Wide Inspections is local to the San Diego area and knows that when it comes to home inspections you want to have someone who is professional and knows what they’re doing. With the experience and care that you’ll get from Nation Wide Inspections, you can’t go wrong.
A general checklist of home inspection areas are structural elements, an exterior evaluation, roof, attic, plumbing, systems and components, electrical and appliances. A place with experience like Nation Wide Inspections can do all of that and more. Don’t just trust anyone when it comes to something as important as having a home you’re buying or potentially buying being inspected. A home is a huge commitment so you want the best professionals for the job and Nation Wide Inspections can help you get the job done right. Check them out and see why they’re the professionals you need.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FSU might close locally

It's all over the news that it's a possibility that our local Florida State branch could close in 2010. That's just awful since that is the branch I go to. It seems that they are cutting certain programs and possibly the branch campus due to budget issues. How do you close after just building a state of the art building worth millions? I guess we'll know closer to when they make a final decision but 2010 isn't that far away since I would sign up for spring in the fall for 2010. :(


Needing to cleanse and detox? Zeocleanse is a natural product that is 100% organic and is used to detoxify and help your body fight disease and illness. Not every
zeolite works to cleanse gently. This is where Zeocleanse comes in. it’s a powerful antioxidant that lessens oxidative stress. Try some zeolite liquid today and see how it helps your body.

Rock of Ages on Broadway

Now I have found another show I want to see. If only we got more Broadway shows here I'd be thrilled. We got RENT once and I was broke and Movin Out once at the last minute on a Thursday and I couldn't go. I'd love to see this one.

Get paid to look for a job

If you’re looking for work and want to post resume online or perhaps even create resume, Resumark is the place to go. They’re like your resume assistant. Best of all, you get paid to post your resume. Every employer who downloads your resume nets you $1 and if your friends sign up as well, you get an additional 50 cents every time their resume is downloaded. You can’t beat that kind of deal because when is the last time someone actually paid you to find a job? In today’s unstable economy can you really be without your resume posted? Get started today and find out how easy it is.

To: Anonymous

This is in reference to a comment I received on my post about tracking sex offenders. First of all, your data is wrong. This is what they wrote:
More than 90% of molesters are family or family freinds, so when people like this distract from the truth it causes even more molestations. Also, very uninformed, because sex offenders are the second lowest of all crimes to reoffend, and many of the ones that do can't get a job so they rob or steal for money or food. Grow up people, remember that the one that whines about others may just have something to hide themselves

Here are some of the real facts from the Center for Sex Offender Management:

Conversely, Prentky, Lee, Knight, and Cerce (1997) found that over a 25-year period, child molesters had higher rates of reoffense than rapists. In this study, recidivism was operationalized as a failure rate and calculated as the proportion of individuals who were rearrested using survival analysis (which takes into account the amount of time each offender has been at risk in the community). Results show that over longer periods of time, child molesters have a higher failure rate—thus, a higher rate of rearrest—than rapists (52 percent versus 39 percent over 25 years).

Besides, I never said the system was perfect. I believe it's very flawed and a person who sleeps with their girlfriend shouldn't qualify as a sex offender if it's consensual. However, I don't make the rules. It's ridiculous to call me out as someone who has their facts wrong when it's obvious that you do.

Lab Furniture

If you’re looking for anything from a lab bench to a workstation or furniture then Formaspace is the place to go. They have everything you will need and can create it made to order. They are factory direct and even have free design. They’re quick with delivery and have an industry leading warranty.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Why is it...

That everything that is automated comes out at once in the bank? I know it really doesn't but after I paid the mortgage I had plenty of money in the bank till more goes in but not after Google AdWords, Sirius Radio, the TV payment, etc came out all in one day. I know those come out but usually it's a little here and there but today it was all of them at one time and we all know how bad I am at budgeting my checkbook. It's fine but now I have to curb my spending for a day or two just to be safe. I hate curbing my spending! LOL Oh well, it's just a day or so but still...

Laparoscopic surgery center

If you are considering laparoscopic surgery, consider JourneyLite as your facility of choice. Their unique facilities have specialty equipment to handle larger patients without losing the quality of service. Larger gowns and surgical suites are just a couple of the ways that JourneyLite takes care of its patients. Most importantly, their surgeons are specialists in the practice of laparoscopic surgery and banding procedures. They can even perform band fills. With locations in California, Texas, Florida and lap-band cincinnati, Ohio, there’s a facility close enough to go to. They offer free educational seminars that you can attend before you make a decision. JourneyLite has support and aftercare so you’re not alone after your surgery.

Our storm

We had the biggest storm today. About 1:00 PM it was almost totally dark outside. It honestly looked as if it was 7:00 PM. The wind was blowing too. I went to get my video camera but by the time I got outside it was already raining so I gave up. Then I was going to take it with us since we had to run some errands and I forgot it. It was one wild storm though. One time we could hear hail hitting the roof of the truck and a lot of areas were under water. It's still raining now, just not as hard. Hopefully it stops some before I have to go to class tomorrow.

Expand your advertising

If you’re looking to expand your advertising budget to include a mailing list, Mailing Lists Direct is the place to go. They offer a variety of mailing lists including consumer lists, specialty lists, business lists and mortgage leads so no matter what type of list you need, you can find it there. All of their lists are privacy compliant, accurate and best of all, affordable. Their site even has resources that you may find educational such as a newsletter, industry resources and marketing articles. Don’t let one of the best advertising opportunities pass you by. Use targeted business and consumer mailing lists to jump start your business.

Seven Pounds

I watched this tonight and wasn't that thrilled with it. I've been wanting to see it forever but I was disappointed. I had figured it out from the trailers and was right but I just wasn't sad or crying like some have said and I thought the whole premise wasn't feasible. I won't ruin it for anyone but I think the worst part to me was the ending with Woody Harrellson. I can't say more or it'll ruin it but if you see it you'll know what I mean. Now don't get me wrong, I adore Will Smith and not once was I bored, just a tad indifferent. What did anyone else think?

Track Sex Offenders

In an unsafe world, it’s nice to know that we have the power to Track Sex Offenders so we can protect ourselves and our children. With a convenient site, you can find out how many sex offenders are in your area, look at detailed reports, view their photos and even get names and addresses. It’s too sensitive of information not to be informed.

According to statistics, the chances of a sex offender reoffending is very high so if you have sex offenders living in your neighborhood, at the very least, you can be informed of who they are. No one wants to go on a witch hunt but it does make good sense to be aware of who is living next door to you and your family.

At Track Sex Offenders, they’re the number one locale to find sex offenders near you. With a detailed report you can get e-mail updates, a free child ID kit and more! There is just a one time activation fee of $10. Do you really think you need to be without it if you have children? For $4.95 more per month you can even get updates when a sex offender moves into your neighborhood.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

CBS on Sundays

How come every Sunday whatever comes on that we watch on CBS is messed up? Right now it's The Unit and every summer it's Big Brother. They run whatever show is first too long and it makes us miss the show we want to see. Tonight I set up The Unit to tape and it didn't come on at 9. R just flipped by CBS and it's on which means it started really late and we missed it. It's getting annoying and they've done it for a couple of years at the least. Someone should complain.

Tactical gear

If you’re looking for police gear or just need tactical gear for any other reason, L.A. Police Gear is the place to visit. They have everything from pants and shoes to holsters and bags. Founded L.A. Police officers, they’ve grown into a presence that anyone can shop with such as military or civilian. They’re factory authorized dealers for most of the brands you’ll find on their site and that means you get savings on the name brands you trust such as S.W.A.T. footwear. Check out their closeout section for even more incredible deals. You’ll be glad you did. L.A. Police Gear is a store you can trust and enjoy shopping with.

New toy box

I got the dogs a new toy box a couple of weeks ago and it's cute because they dig through there to find which toy they want to play with. Only specific toys! Then they take them outside to junk up the yard and I have to pick the up. It's like a daycare out there some days. At least it's easy to deal with in the house because I just throw the loose toys in the toy box. If only I could teach them to pick up after themselves. They will fetch though. Donner always brings his toys to me to throw again and Blitz brings in his frisbees and balls when he wants me to play. Swan just slings hers around. No one tells her what to do.

Debt Consolidation

If you’re looking to be free of overwhelming loans and debt, a debt consolidation loan can help you in as little as 12-36 months without new personal loans. Imagine reducing your balance up to 50% and all while not having to go through a tedious credit check. Just pay one monthly payment and be free of the calls and letters from debtors.

Happy Easter

So, what does everyone have planned? We honestly have nothing special planned this year but we are going to do something we used to do years ago. We're buying fresh shrimp and making it. That sounds mundane but years ago when staying with his parents for a while on Sundays we'd go get shrimp and fry it. Now I love grilled shrimp but this is something I thought would be fun like the old days. We got some beer batter and will pick up the shrimp tomorrow (I called to be sure they'd be open) and some home fries. Yes, totally healthy stuff....err, not. Other than that, we might just hang out here other than getting coffee and the shrimp. There's no movies we want to go see and a lot of the stores will be closed so perhaps I'll work some and we can watch movies here and have a great meal. I did buy eggs so who knows, I might color some and I love boiled eggs anyway.

Auto parts at great prices

If you’re looking for car parts, Buy Auto Parts has what you need. Not only do they have free shipping on orders over $50, they also carry a full warranty on every part sold. Some places can sell to you inexpensively by using aftermarket parts but Buy Auto Parts has original factory parts for sale at the same low price you’d pay for non original parts. They have a vast selection of wholesale parts so you can find everything you’re looking for in one convenient location. If you need extra help they include a toll free customer service support line and a fully functional website.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A moment lost

Tonight I wish I'd had the video camera out. Swan was eating by R and he reached down at her and she snapped at him. He had the DVR remote in his hand and in trying to escape Emily Rose's wrath (inside joke) he flung the remote across the room by accident and it hit the window. I laughed hysterically but it'd have been perfect if only I had the camera on all the time and could have caught it. I lost that moment and recreating it would just look fake.

WoW key codes

If you’re a fan of WOW (World of Warcraft) and are looking for immediate game cards, look no further than BuyMMOAccounts. They have 60 day game cards and best of all, when you purchase world of warcraft key codes from their store you get instant e-mail delivery. That means no more waiting for your key codes to arrive!

Off roading

Yeah we got the truck dirty tonight but it wasn't really off roading. R took the wrong turn so he cut through this area of woods that was full of water. We wouldn't have risked it with any other vehicle but we went through the mud and escaped unscathed. It's funny because now it looks like we went off roading and while we did in a way, it's not exactly like we went bogging.

vinyl shutters

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Friday, April 10, 2009


I finally got R to join, kicking and screaming. Hey, I needed another mafia wars member too! LOL He's not really into that stuff but with a lot of peer pressure from me and a few others, he joined. Like I need another addiction to a game! I do love it though. I also like being nosy and FB allows me to read what others are doing and that's fun. Some people could care less but I find it endearing. And maybe that means someone else likes reading what I have to say.

Austin Remodeling

If you’re looking for Austin Remodeling projects, look no further than Royal Homes of Texas. They beat the competition hands down. Whether it’s energy savings, doors, windows, custom cabinets, shelving, entertainment centers or room additions, they can help you with the remodeling project you need. The owner even makes sure he is available to help you when you need it, unlike other companies where you’re just a check in the bank.
Their site has a testimonials page with satisfied customers and photos of recently completed jobs so you can see their quality work first hand. The owner, Bill Lauer, has been in the business for more than 20 years and has worked on some of the bigger projects in the Austin area such as the Houston Astrohall and Barton Creek Mall as well as various churches and businesses.
Don’t trust your remodeling projects to just anyone. Know you have a professional with years of experience in major contracts so that you can get the best quality service for your dollar. Just stop by their site and request a phone call and see what they can do for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using a well-trusted and professional business like Royal Homes of Texas.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The days before ads

I love ads as much as the next person since I do advertising and want to show up when people type in certain terms. However, when doing an article for WRG I had a real problem with ads. Let's say I have an article on convection oven key terms. Well, we're not to link to advertisers since they want informational and definition type links and that's hard to do now without using Wiki (we're not allowed) and a few other competitor sites. Try typing in convection ovens and just see if you can find out what it is instead of where to buy it. If that part was easier I could pop out an article in about 10 minutes but all that searching is taking more than an hour.


Right now it's absolutely beautiful outside. The moon is out, there are clouds floating by it and the wind is blowing lightly. Let's not even mention the perfect 64 degrees temperature right now. Okay, so I did. But the last two nights it was cold. I hate that. Here it is April and it was in the low 50's last night and even reached 49 at one point. 64 to me is downright tropical and perfect. I can't wait till it gets warm enough to use the pool or to get a tan that's not sprayed on.

Sex Health Guru

I think we all remember those myths about sex growing up. At the time I was growing up we didn’t have the internet to research the truth, we had to depend on word of mouth and rumors. That makes me sound old! Anyone remember the rumor about cola as a pregnancy deterrent? At Sex Health Guru, it’s like having your own sex health instructor. You can find answers to all those myths you may have heard and younger people hear today. You not only can read about different topics, you can watch videos as well. There are even surveys, featured articles, channels and tools. Everything you want to know about sex is right there for you to find out, without the embarrassment of asking someone.

I even took one of their surveys which are quite long, I might add. But longer means it gives you more of an accurate outlook. I won’t say which one but it was kind of fun. You can have the results e-mailed to you but it does show what other people chose after each question. There are real doctors there who serve as the sex health gurus, answering all types of questions and best of all, you can remain anonymous behind your keyboard.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol

You know what annoys me? When shows run long on my DVR. Last night we missed Adam Lambert singing and he's my favorite. I didn't tape it long since we've been on time lately but last night it cut off before he even got to go on stage. I was so annoyed. I had to go online and find the song before it got yanked down due to copyright violations. In my opinion, they should chill on the copyright issues since people obviously want to see it if they missed it. It's not our fault that they ran long. Wednesday is worse because we have a lot of shows we DVR but since I doubt Adam will be going home I guess that's okay. I might see if it'll fit to run it long on the show but I'm not sure that'll work out.

Custom Mouse Pads

If you’re looking for custom mouse pads then Vista Print is the place to visit. I use Vista Print already for all of my business cards and note pads but now I can get a customized mouse pad as well. If you have an outside office or store front, you’ll want to take advantage of what they have to offer. Imagine your business logo on a mouse pad that your customers can see. Another great idea is to create your custom mouse pads with your business information and give them out to customers as an incentive. What better way to advertise?

All custom mouse pads start at just $7.99 each but they get less expensive as you purchase more. Since it’s always a good idea to purchase in bulk quantities anyway, you get the added savings by doing so. If you purchase 5 mouse pads they go down to $34.99, which makes them as little as less than $7.00 each. You can browse the designs on Vista Print or simply upload your own design or logo. There is a one time storage fee to upload a design but I’ve used this service many times and your picture or logo is there for you to access for years to come. The storage fee is only $4.99 and a small service fee if you want a premium logo or document proof to keep. When I say small, I’m talking about less than $3.00. You can’t do better than that if you were to go to a local copy or printer place and talk to them in person.

Why not visit Vista Print today and get started on a custom mouse pad to show off your business? Even if you’re not in business for yourself think about the gifts you can make for others by uploading a picture of family or pets.

Mafia Wars

I admit it, I am addicted to this game on Facebook. Seriously! I've tried their other games and nothing compares. I shamelessly hit up my friends on there to join my crew. I do play Lexulous too though but it's not the same. And yes, please Join My Mafia:

Plumbing in San Diego

Living in California and looking for a San Diego Plumber? At Schaffer Mechanical Plumbing they specialize in plumbing jobs no matter what the size. With over 30 years of experience, Schaffer Mechanical Plumbing not only offers a free estimate, they also have engaging information on their site about what to look for in a plumber and how to go about getting the right price. They even have customer testimonials and pictures right on their site where you can see for yourself what others already know.

Choosing a plumber can seem daunting but they’ve taken out the guesswork and give solid advice on how to go about it. They’ve done it all: from custom jobs at homes, industrial projects and remodeling work. They also recently completed a job at a school. Don’t get taken for a ride when choosing someone to do your plumbing work. Check out Schaffer Mechanical Plumbing first and see why they are the knowledgeable people to call for everything related to plumbing. Why choose a bigger competitor with a huge overhead? Schaffer Mechanical Plumbing is a smaller company that means friendlier customer service and at a fraction of what you would pay someone else. They care about their customers.

My cold

I think my cold is getting better today. While I slept late and missed school, my nose is no longer a faucet. Why, I must have only blown it about 6 times today as opposed to 50 times yesterday. I still have a congested check but I do believe I'm up the upward mend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway. I know I'm sick of being sick and maybe this is it for a while. R is still sick too so at least I know it's not just me.

Pregnancy questions

There are a multitude of questions that come up when you’re pregnant and Parents Connect has all of the Parenting Advice you need in one handy place. There are message boards, expert advice, tips and more all at your fingertips. What if you want to know how you should feel or if something sounds normal while you’re pregnant? Just go to Parents Connect and there’ll be someone there to help you out. There’s even a hot topic area that shows what the buzz is right now. If you are pregnant or wanting to become pregnant there’s no better place to find the answers you’re looking for.

A writing fool

That's me today. From last night up until now I've done 5 Writer's Research Articles and 4 blog posts, not counting my regular blog posts. I should just keep going, which is kind of what I'm doing. I don't feel like doing another WRG article tonight but I'll definitely do some tomorrow. They allow you to do as many as you like so the sky is the limit on pay but since they're harder to write, that puts a damper on going buck wild and doing like 10 a day. I sure wish I could though!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Priority Windows

Why go out when you can shop at home for the best looking windows available? Priority Windows create a custom look for your windows from start to finish. Whether it’s curtains or shades that you need, they have it all.

Page ranking

I have been steadily trying to get my page rank up on this blog and today I noticed that it had finally happened. I've been at a zero for a little while since I just got this domain and it takes time. Today I dropped by a couple of places I do blog posts for and noticed I had more opportunities. The reason is that my page rank is a 2 now instead of a zero. I love it. It shows that my hard work finally helped a little.

Van insurance for low prices

If you live in the UK and are looking for insurance, Autonet is the place to go. From Van Insurance and travel insurance to even pet insurance and tool insurance, Autonet has it all. Right now Van Insurance is up to 70% off. What they do is price check 40 of the United Kingdom’s leading insurance agencies and they do this daily. Not only that, they also have experts to help you out and 24 hour claims service so convenience is never an issue. Where else can you find so many different types of insurance in one single place? Autonet has it all.
They offer a guarantee on their site that they have unbeatable insurance or your money back. Van Insurance is also known as commercial vehicle insurance and that looks to be one of their specialties. Autonet is there to help you find the cheapest van insurance possible, a must have if you plan to drive commercially. They use some of the top agencies in the United Kingdom and strive to get you the best possible service while still receiving low prices. You can get an online quote and even recall a quote later after you’ve had time to consider the savings. With Autonet, you get it all in one place.

Porterhouse steaks

I love porterhouse steaks but they're expensive. We had found some at Publix (which I also love) but only bought them twice since they were about $15-20 per steak. So we're at Walmart the other night and the butcher guy was there and I thought I'd ask him since we've never seen porterhouse steaks there. Lo and behold they do have them and they were $7 each. You can't beat that price. We bought a couple since they only had 3 but we're having them tonight. I can't wait! I love good deals like that and they look to me like the same size we had a Publix.

Affordable Seating

Affordable Seating is your one stop shopping experience for restaurant furniture chairs. Not only do they have specials and sales going on, they also have an excellent turn around, which means you get your items within two weeks with their quickship program on selected items. You can find a variety of items available such as banquet chairs, metal barstools and more. They even offer a live support chat in case you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for or need any questions answered. If you own a food service business, Affordable Seating is where you can find everything you need for your restaurant furniture chairs.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I finally just went for it and bought this movie and boy am I glad I did. I freaking loved it. I was totally digging the music and the movie was super. It's much sadder than I thought it would be but I never got bored or FF'd through any of it. R even stayed awake through the whole thing and he'd have fallen asleep if he didn't like it at all. If anyone does watch it, be sure to wait and watch the credits roll so you can see the Jai Ho song and dance. I highly recommend it. Here's a trailer with one of my favorite songs by A-Ha

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tara and Stuff

I added Tara in the subject because I am totally hooked on The United States of Tara now due to an online friend. He told me he liked it a lot and I had skipped it when it came out but tonight I watched 6 episodes in a row. Luckily they're short (30 mins but 20 something in reality). It's the show Diablo Cody wrote about the woman who has 4 different personalities. It's on Showtime and it's awesome.

I felt awful today. However, we had a KOSA social tonight so I'm glad I went because I started feeling better after dinner. I had a wonderful time chatting with the krewe tonight and then we got coffee and headed back home. I finished up the newsletter just now and sent it to the powers that be. I have a listing to do for someone but it's 3 am so I'm gonna play some games and hit the hay. I'll work on said listings tomorrow.

Oh and watched a really good movie today called The Flock. We got it at Blockbuster when they were closing and it's an exclusive to them. Great movie though - Richard Gere and Claire Danes was in it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Various stuff

Had another little accident tonight. I opened the pantry to put something away and a bottle of hot sauce fell out and broke. R was cleaning it off of my foot and my foot had a sliver of glass on it still, which poked my foot, making it bleed. I swear, accidents find me. For those of you who read Twilight books, I am the epitome of Bella.

R stayed out sick again today so we watched movies. We saw Marley and Me and Speed on BluRay. Marley and Me was so great although it's very sad at the end. R told the dogs that mommy made him cry. LOL Heck, when I read the book I bawled. I loved the movie though. Speed was good as always. The weird thing is that the woman I call man-woman from Big Love (you know, Hollis' first wife?) she was in both Speed and Marley and Me! I feel bad calling her that but in Big Love she looks the part. My apologies to this actress.

I posted two new videos on YouTube and you can click the link if I haven't sent them to you.


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