Saturday, April 18, 2009

ATV Rollover help

Recently there have been numerous injuries in the Yamaha Rhino ATV due to its instability and tendency to roll over, even at low speeds. The design of the Rhino is defective. What happens is that torque force is applied when going around corners, causing the ATV to topple over. Many drivers have had their legs broken or crushed by sticking them out of the vehicle when starting to roll. This not only does not stop the ATV from rolling over, their legs become trapped and crushed. Although Yamaha has offered doors and passenger handholds free of charge, they are not admitting that their design is faulty. They are not even saying that these are features that should have been included in the first place; they are implying that they are offering these as a special, like they are on the customer’s side. Yamaha Rhino Rollover have happened to many users.
If you feel that you may roll over, it’s safer to brace yourself firmly and keep a tight hold on the steering wheel. Be sure not to put any limb outside of the ATV.
Mark & Associates are representing people who have been injured in Rhino ATV accidents. They are here to show you that you have rights and if your case qualifies, they will represent you against Yamaha. Don’t be a victim, you have the power.


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