Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get in shape and help with breast cancer

Right now you can help with a good cause and get into shape by going to BeeWell Miles and logging the miles you run or walk. For every mile that you log in they will donate 0.15 cents to the Breast Cancer Network. What is really neat is that you can even calculate your mileage with their site by entering your address and walking area. Not only that but they also have support if you are trying to get healthy. You can also find calorie information on what you eat and join a forum to meet others just like you, trying to get in shape. A lot of sites have the healthy options and help with getting in shape but BeeWell Miles offers money to help with breast cancer research so that is a double incentive to join up. Here is another incentive though. When you log in each day and log your miles, you are automatically entered in to win one of the 15,000 prizes they are giving away. So what better way to start getting in shape but to help others while doing so? Maybe you can even get friends and family involved and be on your way to helping others while getting in shape.


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