Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

So, what does everyone have planned? We honestly have nothing special planned this year but we are going to do something we used to do years ago. We're buying fresh shrimp and making it. That sounds mundane but years ago when staying with his parents for a while on Sundays we'd go get shrimp and fry it. Now I love grilled shrimp but this is something I thought would be fun like the old days. We got some beer batter and will pick up the shrimp tomorrow (I called to be sure they'd be open) and some home fries. Yes, totally healthy stuff....err, not. Other than that, we might just hang out here other than getting coffee and the shrimp. There's no movies we want to go see and a lot of the stores will be closed so perhaps I'll work some and we can watch movies here and have a great meal. I did buy eggs so who knows, I might color some and I love boiled eggs anyway.

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