Thursday, April 30, 2009


There are some great new hip hop artists out right now called Icebloc. Their music has a great sound with lots of awesome bass so you can ride around and feel the music as well as experience it. Their new album, KRANKMUZIK, is full of heart pounding sounds and thought provoking lyrics. I especially liked Drop Roll and Put it in the Air. Both would sound great pumping out of my speakers during a nice, summer drive to the beach.
With influences from Lil Wayne to Ludacris and Eminem, they’ve become a real part of the hip-hop talent in the Virginia, Maryland and DC areas. Now we’ll see them take the rest of the country by storm. They’ve played in all kinds of popular venues in that area and have an awesome website that showcases their talent. I looked at some of the radio stations they are playing on and their reach is from Jacksonville Florida to Baltimore Maryland. If you like hip hop music you should check out their sound because it’s hot. They have a blog, a YouTube page and are available on MySpace, Twitter and Facebook, among other social networking sites. They’re here to make their presence known and what a presence it is!


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