Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Manta Ride at Sea World

Sea World has an awesome new attraction opening very very soon. It’s the Manta attraction and you can win a front of the line pass as part of their promotion. All you have to do is go to the Manta link and click participate and win and join in on the fun games there for you to try. You can try all kinds of things, there’s six to choose from. You can take a manta quiz, submit photos to Flickr, fill your row which is e-mailing your friends and telling them about the event, submit to youtube, make a manta mask, and follow and tweet. It’s that simple!
Manta is very unique. It’s a ride and an adventure. You start with seeing the underwater paradise with fish and rays in a huge aquarium. You’ll be totally surrounded. Then you’ll fly through the air on the ride of your life. It’s a coaster like no other. There’s over 3000 animals that habitat in Manta. You’ll see it all up close and personal and with the interactive fun on their site, you can get a front of the line pass. Imagine skipping a line with a huge wait, you can do that by going to the Manta site and playing!


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