Monday, April 27, 2009

Organic lawn care

Lawn problems are a real pain and living here in Florida, I know a lot about those issues. I found an organic fertilizer in ringer fertilizer. What I like about organic fertilizer is that we have pets and although they’re in the backyard, I’d like to make that area grassier and less weeds and dirt. It’s hard with dogs but at least if I put out organic fertilizer then I shouldn’t have to worry over them being poisoned by it. Since their products are chemical free, that makes me feel better about using it around our pets. Even in the front yard there are doves and cats (what a mix!) that wander in so I would even want to be careful there as well. I think our yard could definitely use some fertilizer since we do get a lot of weeds and the Florida sun really wrecks havoc on the pretty green grass that I’d like to have. With the organic fertilizer it just sounds like the most natural way of fertilizing my lawn while keeping it safe for animals and the environment. Each 25lb bag does 2500 square feet and has a slow release formula that helps the grass grow and the weeds not grow.

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Anonymous said...

there are really good products available that are green. for example...ecoval makes a really good vinegar weed killer. very safe, and it works. the website is


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