Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Plumbing in San Diego

Living in California and looking for a San Diego Plumber? At Schaffer Mechanical Plumbing they specialize in plumbing jobs no matter what the size. With over 30 years of experience, Schaffer Mechanical Plumbing not only offers a free estimate, they also have engaging information on their site about what to look for in a plumber and how to go about getting the right price. They even have customer testimonials and pictures right on their site where you can see for yourself what others already know.

Choosing a plumber can seem daunting but they’ve taken out the guesswork and give solid advice on how to go about it. They’ve done it all: from custom jobs at homes, industrial projects and remodeling work. They also recently completed a job at a school. Don’t get taken for a ride when choosing someone to do your plumbing work. Check out Schaffer Mechanical Plumbing first and see why they are the knowledgeable people to call for everything related to plumbing. Why choose a bigger competitor with a huge overhead? Schaffer Mechanical Plumbing is a smaller company that means friendlier customer service and at a fraction of what you would pay someone else. They care about their customers.

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