Monday, April 20, 2009

Restaurant financing available

Looking into Restaurant Financing? Advance Restaurant Finance does just that. They focus on short term loans, business loans and restaurant loans and are there for the small and medium sized businesses, not some corporate place with thousands of employees. They are there for you, the small business owner. Why have to take on a partner when you can do business with Advance Restaurant Finance and keep control of your business? They offer flexible financing and have competitive rates. They even specialize in business owners of restaurants and retail stores that don’t have perfect credit. Their application process is easy and fast, you’ll know something in no time. They also don’t make your loan payments go up just because your business is making more money. How are you supposed to make a profit if that happens? That extra money should go into your pocket, not a finance company’s bank.

Advanced Restaurant Finance has been around since they were founded in 2001 and are licensed by the state of California. They also have offices Florida and Texas but provide financing for all 50 states. They employee professionals that have experience in restaurant finance so why go with someone who may charge you more?

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