Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sex Health Guru

I think we all remember those myths about sex growing up. At the time I was growing up we didn’t have the internet to research the truth, we had to depend on word of mouth and rumors. That makes me sound old! Anyone remember the rumor about cola as a pregnancy deterrent? At Sex Health Guru, it’s like having your own sex health instructor. You can find answers to all those myths you may have heard and younger people hear today. You not only can read about different topics, you can watch videos as well. There are even surveys, featured articles, channels and tools. Everything you want to know about sex is right there for you to find out, without the embarrassment of asking someone.

I even took one of their surveys which are quite long, I might add. But longer means it gives you more of an accurate outlook. I won’t say which one but it was kind of fun. You can have the results e-mailed to you but it does show what other people chose after each question. There are real doctors there who serve as the sex health gurus, answering all types of questions and best of all, you can remain anonymous behind your keyboard.

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