Monday, April 6, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I finally just went for it and bought this movie and boy am I glad I did. I freaking loved it. I was totally digging the music and the movie was super. It's much sadder than I thought it would be but I never got bored or FF'd through any of it. R even stayed awake through the whole thing and he'd have fallen asleep if he didn't like it at all. If anyone does watch it, be sure to wait and watch the credits roll so you can see the Jai Ho song and dance. I highly recommend it. Here's a trailer with one of my favorite songs by A-Ha

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Mslovely101 said...

I was thinking about going to see this movie. I really wanted to see the fast and the furious though...maybe later today I might go to the movies but, I hate going alone. Wanna exchange links?


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