Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To: Anonymous

This is in reference to a comment I received on my post about tracking sex offenders. First of all, your data is wrong. This is what they wrote:
More than 90% of molesters are family or family freinds, so when people like this distract from the truth it causes even more molestations. Also, very uninformed, because sex offenders are the second lowest of all crimes to reoffend, and many of the ones that do can't get a job so they rob or steal for money or food. Grow up people, remember that the one that whines about others may just have something to hide themselves

Here are some of the real facts from the Center for Sex Offender Management:

Conversely, Prentky, Lee, Knight, and Cerce (1997) found that over a 25-year period, child molesters had higher rates of reoffense than rapists. In this study, recidivism was operationalized as a failure rate and calculated as the proportion of individuals who were rearrested using survival analysis (which takes into account the amount of time each offender has been at risk in the community). Results show that over longer periods of time, child molesters have a higher failure rate—thus, a higher rate of rearrest—than rapists (52 percent versus 39 percent over 25 years).

Besides, I never said the system was perfect. I believe it's very flawed and a person who sleeps with their girlfriend shouldn't qualify as a sex offender if it's consensual. However, I don't make the rules. It's ridiculous to call me out as someone who has their facts wrong when it's obvious that you do.

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