Thursday, April 2, 2009

Various stuff

Had another little accident tonight. I opened the pantry to put something away and a bottle of hot sauce fell out and broke. R was cleaning it off of my foot and my foot had a sliver of glass on it still, which poked my foot, making it bleed. I swear, accidents find me. For those of you who read Twilight books, I am the epitome of Bella.

R stayed out sick again today so we watched movies. We saw Marley and Me and Speed on BluRay. Marley and Me was so great although it's very sad at the end. R told the dogs that mommy made him cry. LOL Heck, when I read the book I bawled. I loved the movie though. Speed was good as always. The weird thing is that the woman I call man-woman from Big Love (you know, Hollis' first wife?) she was in both Speed and Marley and Me! I feel bad calling her that but in Big Love she looks the part. My apologies to this actress.

I posted two new videos on YouTube and you can click the link if I haven't sent them to you.

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