Monday, May 4, 2009

Ensure your child's future health

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and the most favorite gifts I can think of giving was the ones where we took the moms out to dinner in addition to their gifts. However, imagine giving the potential gift of life to your child. When you use Cryo-Cell U-Cord you can do just that. Cryo-Cell has been around since 1992, helping mothers preserve their baby’s umbilical cord to be used for future use in helping with diseases like leukemia, lymphoma and anemia. The great thing is that cord blood is easily harvested and neither the mother nor the baby has any health risks or pain. Cord blood is a perfect match for the baby during its entire life so if you bank your baby’s cord blood, it’s there when and if you ever need it to ensure your child’s health. Imagine having a secure and dependable resource if problems arise and your child depends on a transplant. Best of all, there’s no cost to retrieve the stem cells if you bank the umbilical cord. Did you also know that your child’s cord blood stem cells have a one in four chance of matching a brother or sister’s? Ensure your child’s future health by using Cryo-Cell.


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