Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here there be zombies

The other night we're pulling into a parking lot and I swear this guy walking down the side of the road was a zombie. I'm not the only one who saw it, so did R. Now let's just hope that I wasn't scared of some poor guy who was sick or crippled but he walked and looked like a zombie. Let's just hope he was goofing off. So I ask R, "What if we drove by to take a closer look and he hissed at us?" That set us off on the "what if" game I love to play. R said he'd run over him and then we discussed using a gun. Either way the dude was scaring me. I like to play the game and ask things like, "What if we're in the hot tub and a zombie pokes his head over the fence?" R will usually say mundane things like he'd just go inside. Now that's not fun at all is it? You really have to be prepared for these things you know. LOL

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