Wednesday, May 6, 2009

tradeMONSTER for online trading

If you are searching for an online options broker then tradeMONSTER is the place to go. This trading platform has customizable options that you can tweak to your own personal specifications. I’ve used other trade platforms but this one has better ways that I can make it more personal and function to how I want it. For instance, tradeMONSTER has educational resources to help you out when working with their product and I love that they have real time information and customizable charts and tools. Some places have tools that are hard to follow or make into something you can personally use and understand but with tradeMONSTER’s options to customize; you can make it something that you can personally use with ease.

What is really neat and cost efficient is that you can open up a free Paper Trading account, which allows you to test out their service without having to pay upfront. What Paper Trade does is it’s a stock market trading simulator that allows you to test out things and see how you like it. It’s a virtual platform where you learn how to trade stocks and use the platform before you commit to opening a real account. This is excellent for the person who has never traded stocks before. Imagine seeing it in real time before you buy. Not only that, you will be learning how to use their platform and how to trade stocks without spending a dime or risking your stocks. They even have a neat video that shows the account in action so you can see just how things will look.

You can open a variety of accounts. From individual and joint accounts to trust, corporate and partnership, there are tons of options for you to utilize with tradeMONSTER. All you have to do is give them a try!

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