Friday, May 15, 2009


My hectic viewing habits are just about ending for the season. No more Biggest Loser, Survivor, Criminal Minds, American Idol, etc. Here are some thoughts:

Spoilers for some shows if you haven't seen them yet.

Grey's Anatomy: Loved the part with George cause that one threw me for a loop. Never saw it coming. Izzy though? I was rather pissed. She's annoying and I knew it was coming but what's up with her getting her memory back and them bammmm, she's gone?

American Idol: WTF? Chris beat out Danny? Even worse, not even a million out of 88 million votes separated a single one of them. If Chris wins I'll be very upset.

Biggest Loser: Sorry, I wanted Mikey or Tara to win. I never cared for Helen and she's too skinny now.

Survivor: Noooooooo, my beloved dragon slayer is gone! I'll miss Coach and his eccentric stories.

That's it for now. Some shows are still on for another week so I can't comment but those were the ones to start with. Don't even freaking get me started on America's Next Top Model!

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