Tuesday, June 30, 2009

True Blood neat thing

Sunday when we were watching True Blood Sam had on a Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival t-shirt. That's neat cause I've been to that. It's in Niceville just up the road a ways. Pretty cool!

So it was funny to me

Tonight we were in the bedroom getting ready to run out to pick up some things we needed. I was standing in front of the fan getting ready. It's one of those tower fans. I hear this buzzing noise that sounded similar to the feedback you hear on electronics, like a humming kind of. I moved and it went away. So now we're looking at the fan and at me so I start doing this groove kind of thing with my butt. You know how sometimes you can get too close to an electronic item and it does that? R says, "Is that your butt making it do that?" We then hear it again and I see that it's my cell phone that was on the dresser. It was the vibrating noise from my alarm clock I'd set. Hilarity ensued. Like I said, so it was funny to me.

A Salute to America


What kind of activities do you all have planned for this holiday? 4th of July reminds me of cookouts, going to pick up food at a packed grocery store, sunburns and parades. This year we plan to be in the very parade that I used to go watch as a little girl. KOSA plans to be in the parade with a float and then we’ll go back to a pool party and some food. Sounds great to me! Not only do we have the whole weekend off together but we can plan on having some good ole’ American fun. I hope there’s great music at the party and the parade!

If you’re looking for some patriotic music to liven up your 4th of July festivities, then look no further than Amazon. Starting on June 30, 2009 they’ll have an awesome collection of patriotic songs that are a favorite to many. This album is called A Salute To America and features such favorites as The National Anthem, God Bless America and America the Beautiful, along with 27 other similar songs. Then on July 3rd they will offer this album for just $1.99 instead of the $9.49 it usually sells for. How’s that for a deal?


Sunday, June 28, 2009

RIP Billy Mays

I was saddened to hear the news of Billy Mays' death. I had really grown to adore him after watching Pitchmen and seeing him on TV. Here's a video showing his awesomeness. In this video he's getting breakfast at McDonalds. He'll be greatly missed.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Motivation, I need it

There's so much I want to do today but I'm tired. I didn't get much sleep last night and then had this whole allergy thing going on. You all might not think the cat is really trying to kill me but I say he is. The other night we put fresh sheets on the bed and when I went in there he was laying on my pillow. Now how much of a "screw you" is that? I can't keep him out of there it seems cause he just comes back and it's too hot to put him outside. Maybe we can strike up a deal or something. For now, my cleaning will have to wait till I have more gumption. (hey, that's really a word)

The ultimate marketing site that is fun to read

I recently stumbled upon one of the most awesome blogs ever, especially if you have any type of items for sale on the internet. amyafrica.com is a QLOG (99% queries and quintessentials and 1% quiblings) that has these incredibly interesting stories that help with marketing. Most marketing information is boring and tedious to read but not http://www.amyafrica.com. I actually added this one to my blog list to read daily. That’s how interesting the articles are!

My favorites so far are Are Crazy Women Better in Bed and I’ve Never Had to Tell a Black Man He is Black. Every single article is interesting that you want to read it and then read more.

This QLOG has it all; from analytics and conversion to creative e-mail marketing and navigation. If you’re looking for SEO help then she has that too and even information on shopping carts and strategy. I got some great ideas from the site that I plan to implement into my site. (I just have to figure out how I want to do that) Best of all, there’s a place where you can even ask your own questions about marketing online. Seriously, don’t let this one get away, you can’t afford not to read it.


Dinner and a movie

Tonight we went to Red Robin and saw Transformers with a friend and her daughter. A very pleasant 13 year old, I might add who had a streak of pink in her hair. Totally cute. Normally I'm not big on kids but she was great and loves anime and manga. Anyway, the dinner and movie was just a'ight. Dinner wasn't as good there as it usually is and the movie, well...I liked the first one a lot and don't get me wrong, I liked this one but I didn't love it. We ended up having to see it in town at 10:15 since they were sold out at every other showing. We were originally going at 8:15. At least the theater we ended up at is right by our house almost. I wanted to see Drag Me To Hell, to be honest. I love blockbusters like crazy but I'm just not this huge Transformers fan. (even though I did like the first one)

Bank on your baby's future

If you have a child and have been considering harvesting their cord blood then Cryo-Cell has got a deal for you. They’re offering a really great deal for expectant families until Sunday the 28th of June 27, 2009 by using the promotional code HOT. The savings are $725 on Cryo-Cell’s U-Cord Service.

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There’s no enrollment fee and no extra fee for bedside courier service within the United States and Puerto Rico. They also offer a variety of different payment options that can meet most anyone’s price needs. With that kind of security you can’t go wrong.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Free people search engine

Search for free here.

Why is it...

...that when you're in a semi-good mood someone wants to come mess with you? I swear, I can have a good day or even a great day and someone wants to come screw it all up. It's like you painted a beautiful portrait and that person took it and ripped it all up into 1000 pieces. That's my rant for the day.

Get your skill score

I am already working my dream job of being able to work at home, for myself and be successful (or at least semi-successful, but I digress). With Elearning you can not only learn new things to help you achieve your dream job but can do it from the comfort of your own home. Learn.com has created a platform that allows job seekers to improve their skills in different areas of employment. Learn.com offers access to internet training courses from professionals, or one can simply choose a job outline and receive training that is required for that particular position.

What is really neat is that you can even make your own course for others to take and earn revenue on however many people take it. So whether you need to brush up on a particular aspect of a career or are even looking at getting a college degree, you can do it all in one place. I took the course under Digital Design Studio, which had a sub-course on modifying images in Photoshop 7. Learn.com is the first company to provide this type of single integrated platform and they’re also a trusted Fortune 500 company as well. With more than 50 million users, they’re the leader in on-demand training. I took the skill score test and it allowed me to see what areas I can improve on with my business. Best of all, it’s free for you to take!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

New wine

I got some new wine the other night but after I started putting them away today I noticed I had bought a duplicate Marilyn Merlot. At $35 I figured I needed to return it since I don't want doubles. No problem with a receipt. I had to dig through the trash because I didn't keep a wine store receipt thinking, who takes back wine? I found it in good condition so with freshly washed hands I now have to take that back tomorrow since they close at 6:00 today. Most of you know I collect, not drink so I'm always on the lookout. I got a really neat one called The Goatfather. I'll try to find a picture and post it.

Baby Bedding

Looking for Baby Bedding? The Baby Bedding Palace has everything you need for your baby and right now they have a sale on 12 pc baby bedding sets of 75% off! You can’t beat those prices! Their products are 100% hand made in Nepal and are environmentally friendly with their ecology conscious facilities. They have sets for boys, girls and even unisex sets in case you are not sure or don’t want to know if your baby will be a boy or a girl. What is great is that each set comes with twelve pieces that match so your nursery can be completely cohesive when you decorate.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am so PWND

Tonight we were coming back from Pier Park and I love the 70's station on Sirius. So they have this Jukebox from Hell part where they play something really lame. Tonight was Thank God I'm a Country Boy from John Denver. We're driving along and stop at a red light. I start doing this ho down thing and R says that it doesn't embarrass him. I asked what if I rolled down the windows and did it?

He says, "Like this?" and rolls them down, turns this awful song up to blast level and the car next to me has their windows down. I was so embarrassed.

I guess it's all fun and games till someone gets humiliated.

Win a great prize package

Right now at BluFrog you can win one of five awesome prizes! These prizes are so great that I’d take any of them but we’ll get to my favorite in a moment. Blu Frog is an energy drink that is healthy for you and they have a pretty wild site where you can check out the prize packages they’re offering.

One prize is the BluGamer Ultimate Gaming Package where you get an Xbox elite gaming system and Rock Band 2 along with it as well as Call of Duty: World at War, an Xbox wireless networking adapter, an X-Shot and 2 cases of the Blu Frog Energy drink. Another package is a trip to Lollapalooza in Chicago, one is the Richard Petty Driving Experience in Orlando (I bet R would love that one) and the fourth package is to the winter games in Aspen. My favorite though is called Happy Blu Year and it’s a trip to Times Square on New Year’s Eve! Now that is something I’d love to do. You even get a helicopter ride over New York City and luxury hotel accommodations.

You just need to check out the Tweet to Win and help ensure your chances of winning!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just wondering...

How come younger people say diabetes like dia-bee-tees and older people say dia-beet-us or call it "sugar" instead? I've always wondered that. Even on the Liberty commercials with Wilford Brimley he says dia-beet-us. It's just totally funny to me. I love the sugar one too.

Disney World -what memories!

Disney World really is one of the most fun places on earth. We used to visit there every other summer (the other summers were spent in Tennessee or New York) and I’d always have the most awesome time. However, I think one of the most memorable times was grad night. It was 1985, and I went with my class and hung out with my best friend, Janet. They had these awesome concerts with current groups that were popular. I doubt many of them are around now, like Animotion, Tina Marie, The Dazz Band, etc but back then it was neat being able to hear them all in one place. I know, I’m totally dating myself. Anyway, we rode rides, ate food and had a blast.

My favorite ride has to be Space Mountain but I also love Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. I love Space Mountain because it’s always so nice and cool in there and I love how it’s dark and you’re not sure exactly where you’re going on the ride. My dad even rode it with me years ago, not knowing what it was exactly. It only goes 28 mph but seems much faster when you’re not sure what is going to happen next in the dark. Pirates of the Caribbean was always thrilling because some of the characters look so real and there’s that neat part at the end where you go down the ramp in your boat. My parents weren’t big on thrill rides but never minded that boat sliding down the waterfall. The Haunted Mansion? What’s not to love? I love anything scary and while it’s a tame ride that all ages can enjoy, I love how the ghosts show up in your seat and how it looks like real ghosts in the scenery. There are tons of other rides I love, including the Jungle Cruise. When I was a little girl I thought the giant butterflies were real!

I’d have to say that Tomorrowland was always my favorite park in Disney World. I’m not sure why but it just reminds me of a more innocent time when you had this whole futuristic type area that perhaps wasn’t that futuristic at all but it still felt that way. Sure, I love the rest of the areas such as Adventureland, Fantasyland and Main Street but there’s something about Tomorrowland that brings back the happiest memories even though the rides I love best, other than Space Mountain, are all in other areas of the park.

Why not get your Disney World Tickets and embark on the vacation you remember having so much fun at? Don’t forget that OrlandoFunTickets.com has the best deals on tickets for all of the Disney parks in Orlando, Florida!

I'm not a famous blogger

I had my interview today and you can read it here! Don't hate on my photoshopped picture either! I was playing with hairstyles and you all know I usually have a dog or camera in front of my face.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Awesome site about cats

If you’re looking for all things cat, you should definitely try out the Raising Whiskers site. Whether it’s cat health, information about cat food, training, grooming or games you can play with your cat, they have it all. The site is full of information no matter what you need to learn about to make your cat’s life more healthy and fun. I really like that there is a plethora of interesting articles on each subject. Let’s say you are thinking about getting a cat and bringing it into your household. There are articles on cats and children, cats and the elderly and more. You can read about what to expect and even how to cat-proof your home!

I was particularly interested in an article on cat spraying and what can be done to prevent it. Not only did the article explain how and why cats spray their territory, there was different ways to help prevent them from doing so. Another interesting area of the site is articles on cat food. There are articles on treats, losing weight, probiotics and more.

This is a fun and educational site that any cat owner should bookmark. Even if you’re considering bringing a feline friend into your home, then Raising Whiskers is for you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pretty productive today

The house is vacuumed and mopped and smells great. The dishes are done, laundry is done. (Oh and I got some of those neat new strips that you use in the washer and the dryer). I've written one post but turned down one job offer that was too much work for little pay. Now I really want to go out into the pool but gosh darnit I'm gonna wait! I need even more work done. I'm thinking of putting up a hypnosis listing on Keen for people needing help in certain areas since I have my certification in that. I've got it on my to-do list anyway. I guess I should get started on those things.

Experience Sea World

Looking for a vacation this summer that won’t break the bank? SeaWorld is within driving distance from most areas being centrally located in Orlando and with the savings you’ll receive by not having to book a flight you can have even more fun. In fact, if you buy a ticket to Sea World, you get a ticket to Aquatica or Busch Gardens for free! You can’t beat this amazing deal. Not only can you experience the adventure of Sea World, you can also experience one of the other parks at no cost. This is a deal you can’t get at other Orlando theme parks.
With Manta newly opened, you can experience the most thrilling new coaster available. It’s a ride where you are on your stomach and glide like a manta ray at high speeds with dips and turns like no other. So not only do you get to experience the beauty of sea life at Sea World, you can also ride their many thrill rides, Manta being the newest. But don’t take my word for it, try out Manta for yourself and see what an amazing ride it is and while you’re there enjoy the beauty of Sea World’s many creatures and sea life. It’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


The heat

The heat indices today are, according to Weatherbug, dangerously at 101-105. I can believe it since yesterday I got totally nauseous when we went out. I mean like wanting to throw up. I felt car sick so I can only assume it was the heat. The dogs have already been in the pool today when I had to let them out to let the repair guy fix our microwave. I'd love to go too but since I have to do some work I guess I'll wait.

Wholesale steering parts

Need steering wheel parts and now sure how to get the lowest price? At CarSteering.com you can get dealer parts that not only come with an entirely comprehensive warranty but are kept in stock and ready to be shipped to you directly. To top it off, shipping is free! So no matter what kind of part you need, they have it. From power steering rack to steering box parts, they supply it to you at the lowest cost. Don’t go to the dealership and pay a high overhead when you can not only get better prices but also order it from the comfort of your own home.

Why do these things bug me?

I constantly check my number of subscribers to my blog and I constantly check my fan page on Facebook. If someone leaves it bugs me to death. Like on my fan page. I had 48 fans, then someone left. (I have 48 again because a friend joined) but that means someone I know actually signed up then took the time to remove the page. It's like they said they no longer want to be associated. How silly is that? Not them, I mean me. LOL

Find a Playstation deal on ShopWiki

If you're looking for the latest Playstation 3 or even if you already have one and would like to find games and accessories, then ShopWiki is the place to find everything you need.

Unlike other search engines that only show you businesses that have paid for ad placement, ShopWiki shows the searcher every single deal possible so not only can you find the best deals there is, you may even find a store that suits your needs for future purchases as well.

Wanting to play Blu-Ray movies along with your Playstation? They even have those on ShopWiki! Try it out and see if you can't find the best deals available anywhere on the Internet.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Prank phone call

I just got a prank call from some kid but what is hilarious is that when he started with his dirty talk I told him, "You realize I have your phone number on caller ID so I can call your mommy back later and tell her what you did." He then hung up. Totally hilarious that he was old enough to try that but not savvy enough to block their phone number.

LA Police Gear

LA Police Gear has everything from Blackhawk Holsters to SWAT boots. What started out as a business founded by Los Angeles police officers has grown into a place for the general public, military, security and obviously, police officers to get their gear. Their customer service is top notch and they even have a mailing list you can join for news on anything related to their site. Whether it’s footwear, shoes, flashlights or their famous tactical gear, LA Police Gear has it for you. Check out their contest for free gear. Just mail in your best action picture and if you win, you get a store credit!

An early morning swim

Yesterday R let the pack out to use the bathroom before he went to work. Now mind you this was at around 7 AM. Blitz decided to go for a swim. Who goes swimming that early in the morning? It's not as if it was that hot yet, plus they'd been inside all night in the air conditioning. Of course he jumped into bed and woke me up soaking wet. R had to dry him off and make him stay out of the bedroom until he dried.

Hummingbird migration

Hummingbirds are making their annual migration throughout the United States and you can attract these beautiful, tiny birds to your own backyard with a glass hummingbird feeder or other type of feeder. What is interesting to know is that hummingbirds do not travel in flocks. They are solitary creatures and most of them spend their winters between the southern part of Mexico and the northern part of Panama. Since they can’t survive in the cold climate they make this annual trek to Central America each year and then start their return and finish as early as the middle of May.

Most are the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird species and what is also interesting to note is that they double their size for their journey and by the time they reach their destination they are usually back to their original size of approximately 2.5 grams. Their flight is non-stop for 18 hours so they must feed on insects and nectar, which you can provide with a hummingbird feeder. Having a feeder attracts hummingbirds to your yard so you can see these tiny creatures in action. Having clean water available also helps in attracting hummingbirds since they like to have somewhere to keep clean and quench their thirst.

TV Links DB

TV Links DB is an awesome search engine site where you can view movies and TV for free because it crawls sites all over the internet finding videos. It's easy to navigate with the hottest shows listed, an alphabetical search and a search bar. No matter what show you like, you can find videos of it. I did a search for So You Think You Can Dance since those are hard to find videos and sure enough, there it was. Check it out and find whatever you're looking for!

Crazy pet party

A fellow blogger recently asked about crazy things you've done for your pet. A few years ago we had a huge birthday party for Sammi and Harley. We got a decorated cake and cookie and had party decorations, invited other guests and just had a wonderful time. The dogs loved it and had tons of gifts from the guests such as treats and toys. Obviously, the humans ate the cake and cookies but they did get a bite as you can see in the pictures from them licking their chops. We recently had another party for the twins but didn't invite guests this time. I'd love to throw another doggy shindig at some point.

New facebook name

Now that we can do it, here's mine www.facebook.com/karsun and don't forget to become a fan of Karsun Designs on there please. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How very sad

That an 88 year old man has so much hate in him that he has to shoot up the Holocaust Museum. I don't understand people like that. Why hate people?

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A lone gunman wounded a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday before being wounded himself by return fire from other guards, police said.
Police cars mass outside the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington after a shooting there on Wednesday.

Police cars mass outside the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington after a shooting there on Wednesday.

The wounded guard later died according to CNN affiliate WJLA, citing fire and police officials.

The suspect was identified as James von Brunn, an 88-year-old white supremacist from Maryland, two law enforcement officials told CNN.

The gunman entered the museum at 12:50 p.m. with a rifle and immediately shot a museum security guard, said Chief Cathy Lanier of the District of Columbia's Metropolitan Police Department. Two other security guards returned fire, wounding the gunman, she said.

Both the gunman and a security guard were taken to George Washington University Hospital, where the gunman was in "critical" condition and the security guard in "grave" condition, said D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty. Neither Lanier nor Fenty would identify the gunman or the wounded security guard.

Emergency vehicles converged on the area, which is near the Washington Monument and other popular tourist attractions. The museum was full at the time, with a "couple of thousand" people inside, said William Parsons, the chief of staff.



Mavenlink is an innovative service that allows people to post projects and in turn, find someone who can follow through on that project. For example, let’s say that I want to have someone help me design accounting software for my business. I would simply sign up at Mavenlink for free and post my needs and allotted budget and then someone could accept my proposal. Or for instance, perhaps I’m a professional resume writer needing to enhance my income. I can post my services up when I make a free profile and let the world know that I’m available. Now how simple is that?

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Why is it...

...that when I have an appointment and I tell them to come as late as possible, that is the day I get up early? I am never up at 9 am but I sure was today. Now I'm sleepy because I was up late but I have to wait till they come. The appt is between 1-5 so it could be 5 pm before they get here. Oh well, at least I have something to do to keep me busy. :)


After all that, I got a call from GE that they have to order a part and won't be coming today. Now that I sat here all day, got ready, etc. LOL Isn't that just how life works? Not only that but tomorrow I have to get up at a decent time too since I have a dentist appt at 1:00. Oh well, the rest of the week and weekend after that is all mine!

Tony Awards opening

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cruise dilemma

We have a small dilemma. We don't want to keep going to the same places we always go but the places I really want to go are like 9 day cruises. That's well and good but (a) I get homesick for my doggies, (b) add in driving time, etc and that's like taking two weeks off of work and I don't get paid vacations plus when you add in extra days for spending money, gratuity, etc...it adds up quite a bit. So, what to do? I saw one that was awesome where it includes Antigua, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands (St Thomas and Tortola) and Grand Turk but it is also 9 days. I know we did a 6 day one in 2005 and I guess that wasn't too bad but 9 days might as well be two weeks so I'm just not sure. I did find a 7 day one that is the Western Caribbean that has two places we have been and two we have not so that's an idea.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Blitz and the float

Today was in the low 90's so we got to use the pool. R brought home this inner tube thing from work that's a float and I wish I'd had the video camera. I threw it in the pool, Blitz leaped onto it and then bit it. It lasted approximately 30 seconds from the time I got outside. Other than it sucking that he did that, it was hilarious. No more inner tube float thingy.

Team Jon or Team Kate?

Friday night we were in Publix and I picked up a magazine that had the Jon and Kate story in it. Yeah, I know...which one? They're usually on the cover of every magazine. Anyway, there was a lady in front of us checking out who saw the magazine and totally went off on Jon, saying how not to blame Kate, etc. I got totally cracked up that she was so passionate about it. I guess she was definitely team Kate. Here in our house we're kind of team Jon but didn't tell her that.


LASIK is a procedure that helps people no longer have to wear contacts. In fact, you probably don’t realize it but a wearer of contacts can spend up to $25k in a lifetime if they are 25 years old. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? There’s a newer type of Lasik out there called iLASIK that uses two lasers to be sure that it’s safe and is customized for each individual and best of all, it is covered by most healthcare savings accounts and is tax deductible. What it involves is a combination of Wavefront mapping technology plus the two lasers. This is how it is safer and customizable. Theoretically, Lasik can pay for itself in seven years when you calculate the cost involved in buying contacts, solutions and/or glasses. Think about it, you can have this procedure done and wake up with 20/20 vision! More and more people are having this procedure done and alleviating the cost and headache of contacts or glasses. Imagine having the eyesight that you were meant to have and having it all done in one short visit that doesn’t even require a hospital. It’s done in an office and doesn’t require much aftercare. You get it done and the next day you can see with 20/20 vision.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Great horror book

I finally found a book that is 80's horror worthy. I got it through a book swap site and it's called Neighbors by Maureen S. Pusti. I'd link you but Amazon has no information on it, not even a review or picture. It was written in 1991 and it has that great story, I know something bad is going to happen, feel to it. The only bad thing is that there's a new dog in it and I fear for it. I know it's fiction and no dogs were harmed during the writing of the book but I just freaking hate that in anything I'm reading. Hopefully the dog saves everyone and all that but I'm worried. Otherwise though, I just started it last night and I'm halfway done with it. Excellent reading!

Look your best

These days plastic surgery has become more common place than in just a few short years ago. Whether it’s a nose job or saline breast implants, it’s a good idea to find a specialist in your area and learn more about the various procedures they provide. You can get testimonials, pricing information and what exactly is involved, such as recovery time and invasiveness. In a world where looking your best has become an important factor in job searches, find a specialist and get the facts. We all want to look good and sometimes a little help is what we need to achieve that.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finished another...

...Sookie Stackhouse book. Now I'm on book 7 and I see there is book 10 already on Amazon available for pre-order for a November release date. I am so loving this series. I talked to a friend today that has read them all too and I know my sister in law has. I also can't wait for the new season of True Blood, which starts next Sunday on the 14th of June.

Get help with Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a form of lung cancer that is usually not caught early enough for patients to survive more than a year. It is caused by exposure to asbestos and affects thousands of people every single year. During this time you and your family have rights. A Mesothelioma Lawyer can help you during this hard time. Not only can you seek legal help, you can get information on diagnosis, treatment, find out all about Mesothelioma and who is at risk, asbestos exposure and just about anything you could imagine needing to know about this horrible disease. Don’t let your rights be ignored if you or a family member has this disease.

Mesothelioma is very common among workers in certain trades such as construction workers, automotive mechanics, contractors, ship builders and even demolition workers. What is worse is that most industries know about the risks and keep it to themselves instead of alerting workers to the dangers. An experience attorney can help you regain control of your life and go after these companies, some of which are bankrupt. Get the help that you are entitled to and don’t let these industries get away with anything. Take back your rights with a Mesothelioma Lawyer.


Got me a rabbit

No, not that kind! It's the rabbit corkscrew. We found it at Publix last night hugely discounted. Usually they're anywhere from $30 and up to around $100 and more. We haven't tried it yet but it'll make a very cool addition to my kitchen.

Jersey shore vacation and a free concert

This summer from the end of June until the end of August, in Wildwood, New Jersey at Morey’s Piers there’ll be the Radio Disney Summer Concert Series and along with there being some of the top Radio Disney artists there, it’s also free. If you’re looking for a New Jersey vacation, Morey’s Piers is the place to find all of your accommodations. You can even find New Jersey water parks, New Jersey amusement parks and hotels and motels. Find all of the Wildwood New Jersey motels and places to see. So if you want a Jersey Shore beach Vacation then I have the place for you!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My poor back

I think I hurt my back when I was doing all those books recently cause I'd carry a huge amount at once, back and forth, a few times a day. The last few days it has really hurt though. I am hoping it goes away soon but I read that a pulled muscle can last for weeks. I hope that's all it is but since it does coincide with the book carrying I do believe that's it.

Looking for a new home?

Right now is a great time to look into missouri real estate or real estate in any state at all. Even though times are tough, you can still get a great deal on a home that you can be proud of while not spending a fortune. Whether it’s a small family home or you are looking to move into something larger, you can find it all and at your leisure. Find homes by size, price, location and more. You can really find your dream home when searching for missouri real estate and it’s easier to afford than you think!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good news and a request

First the good news. My site has moved up to a PR2. Not too long ago my blog had gone to a page ranking of a 2 but this is the first time my site has as well. I'm so excited. For those that don't know, the higher the page rank, the higher you're listed in search engines such as google. Like Amazon or eBay would be a PR10. I'm thrilled! It took forever to get that!

Now for a request. If you are on Facebook, would you please become a fan of my Karsun Designs page? I think you can just click here I'd really appreciate it and won't be sending out a lot of updates to annoy you. I just wanted my site on one more place where it can be seen. :)


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