Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Awesome site about cats

If you’re looking for all things cat, you should definitely try out the Raising Whiskers site. Whether it’s cat health, information about cat food, training, grooming or games you can play with your cat, they have it all. The site is full of information no matter what you need to learn about to make your cat’s life more healthy and fun. I really like that there is a plethora of interesting articles on each subject. Let’s say you are thinking about getting a cat and bringing it into your household. There are articles on cats and children, cats and the elderly and more. You can read about what to expect and even how to cat-proof your home!

I was particularly interested in an article on cat spraying and what can be done to prevent it. Not only did the article explain how and why cats spray their territory, there was different ways to help prevent them from doing so. Another interesting area of the site is articles on cat food. There are articles on treats, losing weight, probiotics and more.

This is a fun and educational site that any cat owner should bookmark. Even if you’re considering bringing a feline friend into your home, then Raising Whiskers is for you!

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