Monday, June 8, 2009


LASIK is a procedure that helps people no longer have to wear contacts. In fact, you probably don’t realize it but a wearer of contacts can spend up to $25k in a lifetime if they are 25 years old. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? There’s a newer type of Lasik out there called iLASIK that uses two lasers to be sure that it’s safe and is customized for each individual and best of all, it is covered by most healthcare savings accounts and is tax deductible. What it involves is a combination of Wavefront mapping technology plus the two lasers. This is how it is safer and customizable. Theoretically, Lasik can pay for itself in seven years when you calculate the cost involved in buying contacts, solutions and/or glasses. Think about it, you can have this procedure done and wake up with 20/20 vision! More and more people are having this procedure done and alleviating the cost and headache of contacts or glasses. Imagine having the eyesight that you were meant to have and having it all done in one short visit that doesn’t even require a hospital. It’s done in an office and doesn’t require much aftercare. You get it done and the next day you can see with 20/20 vision.


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