Saturday, June 27, 2009

The ultimate marketing site that is fun to read

I recently stumbled upon one of the most awesome blogs ever, especially if you have any type of items for sale on the internet. is a QLOG (99% queries and quintessentials and 1% quiblings) that has these incredibly interesting stories that help with marketing. Most marketing information is boring and tedious to read but not I actually added this one to my blog list to read daily. That’s how interesting the articles are!

My favorites so far are Are Crazy Women Better in Bed and I’ve Never Had to Tell a Black Man He is Black. Every single article is interesting that you want to read it and then read more.

This QLOG has it all; from analytics and conversion to creative e-mail marketing and navigation. If you’re looking for SEO help then she has that too and even information on shopping carts and strategy. I got some great ideas from the site that I plan to implement into my site. (I just have to figure out how I want to do that) Best of all, there’s a place where you can even ask your own questions about marketing online. Seriously, don’t let this one get away, you can’t afford not to read it.


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