Thursday, July 30, 2009

Talent...where was I?

I always comment how it's nice that certain actors can not only act but also sing and dance. I find that kind of talent pretty darn neat. Then there are actors who can act and are geniuses like Geena Davis and James Woods. Again, pretty neat. Tonight I'm watching Top Chef Masters and Rick Bayless who is considered one of the top chefs in the country is saying how he was originally going for his PHd in linguistics and anthropology. He started cooking and the rest is history. Now where was I when they were passing out this kind of talent? It's awesome to have one talent but to have so many...well, someone else got the short end of the stick!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I won

Tonight was the open house at the gym and the biggest prize other than for referrals was a 30 day VIP membership to Jenny Craig. I won it. How cool is that? The only thing is that food is extra and it's quite expensive so I might wait till next month to use it if there is no expiration date. I think it's neat that it's the prize I wanted though. I also saw another friend there tonight (Kevin was there too) that I used to work with back at Stanley Steemer. That was neat. We (the gym owner) and I talked about web stuff so hopefully we might work out a trade. *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My poor Blackberry

Yesterday my Blackberry bit the dust. I'm not sure why either because I hadn't dropped it or anything but it just quit coming on. We switched batteries and that didn't work so we took it to T-Mobile where they couldn't get it to work either. I have a new one on the way at least since they're both under warranty. I miss it. The bad thing is that with the new phone I'll have to reinstall everything like my e-mail and Facebook unless it's all on the old SIM card. Maybe!

Your baby's future

If you have a child or a new baby and have been considering harvesting their cord blood then Cryo-Cell is the place to go for a great deal. They are offering a special for expectant families until midnight Sunday the 26th of July 2009 by using the promotional code 995PS. This is the “Protect Baby, Protect Mom” special where you can choose to enroll and get a discount of $725. You can also choose the Signature UCORD Service and exclusive C'elle Service for a single price and best value of $1299 by using the promo P2PS.

Cryo-cell is the business leader in cord blood banking and has over 175,000 clients currently. Cord blood banking can help with over 75 different diseases and 12,000 umbilical cord transplants were performed worldwide thus far. Not only are cord blood stem cells a 100% match for the infant donor, they are also a 1 in 4 match for a brother or sister.

There’s no enrollment fee and no extra fee for bedside courier service within the United States and Puerto Rico. They also offer a variety of different payment options that can meet most anyone’s budget. You can’t beat that kind of security and well-being.

Thing about if your child became sick. With this plan, you can rest assured that they have the donor material needed to fight a multitude of diseases and with having their own cord blood banked; the precious stem cells are readily available in time of need.


Monday, July 27, 2009


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Sunday, July 26, 2009


We went to the 10:15 showing of this movie and believe it or not, the theater was pretty packed. I loved it! The ending isn't something you'll guess in a million years and some other great points is that it's rated R (I like my horror to mean business instead of the watered down crap we usually get with the exception of a few that are good) and it's a 2 hour long movie. Isabelle Fuhrman plays Esther and she rocks! What I didn't realize is that she's the same little girl that was in Hound Dog, which I watched on Friday. I loved every character in the movie and thought it was just awesome. If you want something with a unique twist that I'm not sure we've seen before, go see this!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I love Swag. I do some writing for a site that reviews upscale products for dogs and while I never ever ask, sometimes a product owner is happy enough to send something after seeing my review. The only times I am given something first is if they specifically ask for the review. Otherwise I find products I like and blog about them. This is what happened with Faux Paw Productions. Debby Carman does the most beautiful work so I just had to review her products for the site. Then these came to me after she saw the post. She did this beautiful bowl for me and my pups. There's two pekes and one Belgian but isn't it the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen? I am in love with this bowl! Check out her one of a kind, hand painted items.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I love free stuff

Tonight I got my free Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair from Dillards. I love the stuff anyway but this is a new formula, which I was told about when I tried to get past the demo by saying I already used the stuff. While I was there I found an excellent deal on mineral makeup. That was neat because before I left the house I told R that I was out of some of my makeup. I got a $35 set for just $10 so I got two. That'll last me forever (or at least 6 months or more). When I was 18 I worked at Dillards. Back then it was called Gayfers and I loved that job. I worked at the jewelry counter but loved the cosmetics girls and the samples they'd shell out to me constantly. I always loved how polished and pretty they looked. Back then I wanted to work that counter so bad but it was usually women who were older than me. Now it seems it's a mix of really young girls or older women. I don't mean old, just older. Anyway, I love my free Night Repair and new makeup. Heck, I love Dillards!

Feel Safer with a Home Security System

We all want to feel safe in our homes so when searching for house alarms, be aware of the best choices for you. Not only is it imperative to know what type of system you are getting but you need to find out what type of monitoring services you will receive. It’s important to choose the right home security system for your needs. In today’s unsafe world, we all can use a little help and a home alarm can help you and your family feel safer and more secure in the very place that you should feel the safest. Don’t live in fear of break ins, fire or other disasters, a home alarm will give you peace of mind.

Allergies bite

I had the worst allergy attack last night. I don't know what it is but sometimes when I go to bed I have these attacks that keep me from sleeping no matter how tired I am. I can't imagine what it is since the room is vacuumed, dusted and has fresh sheets on the bed. And to top it off, it's just once in a while, not constantly (thank God). I finally got some sleep around 10 am but I hate doing that because it wastes my whole day. Hopefully it doesn't happen again tonight. We had some leftover Allegra-D that I took one of a while ago so we'll see. Usually the Mucinex I take works but last night nothing worked.

Make Your Skin Younger Looking

We all want better looking skin and nu skin is an innovative way of achieving just that. With nu skin younger looking skin is just a week away. As we all get older, our skin starts to become thinner, due to biological, environmental and mechanical aging. This product works to erase lines, make your skin smoother, repair UV exposure, reverse aging, diminish pore size and more, and in as little as seven days. Who couldn’t use that kind of anti-aging product? Looking younger is important in today’s society and nu skin has found a way to help you achieve that goal. It’s even gentle enough to use each day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

R's dance moment

Tonight we're watching So You Think You Can Dance and R sees this one dance they said was a jazz routine and he says, "That looks more like a lyrical dance to me than it does jazz." It took him two seconds to say, "Geez, now I have to go look at porn or something since what I just said was so ghey."

The ghey reference is in no way meant to offend my gay friends. We use that word in the other context, not in the bad way although I know some think of it as derogatory, I do not because it's not meant that way.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why is it.....

...that working from home keeps me busier than I have ever been? Shouldn't my house be spotless with zero laundry to be done? Shouldn't I have an awesome tan by now? None of those things are true. My house is clean but it's a daily job. I haven't been in the pool in a week and there's plenty of laundry to do. I guess it's because when I worked out in the real world after my 8 hours I was done. Now I have this daily list I mark things off of as I do them. It's 5:00 PM and only half of my list is done. I honestly can't figure it out.

Find an apartment from your iPhone


MyNewPlace in the iPhone app store is the coolest place to find apartments and it’s a free app for the iPhone! Just go to and check all of the benefits you can get such as number of beds, pet policies, amenities, bathrooms and more. You can even search amongst the 6 million nationwide apartments using your GPS. If you’d rather search by zip code, state or city you can do that as well.

My New Place is one of the largest apartment rental locating site on the Internet and the first one to utilize Facebook Connect in order to share listings with your friends. Not only that, they’re the recipient of Business Week Best of the Web Winner three times!

So if you’re searching for a new place to live or just want to weight out your options, why not get this free app and search nationwide? I think it’d be fun to just see what the rest of the country has to offer. You never know, you might find a new place in an entirely different part of the country and decide to pack up and move there. You can do all of this from the comfort of your home or anywhere you take your iPhone.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A-Ha is back with their 9th album

I just saw a video on A-Ha making their comeback with their 9th album. (why do we still call them albums?) You can check it out here but note how young they still look. It's as if it's 1985 all over again. I was shocked at how great they look. My favorite song is still The Sun Always Shines on TV and I actually have it in my iTouch and listen to it daily. I even listed to it on the way back from FSU today.

Meals that are affordable and easy

If you watch Top Chef then you’ll remember Ariane Duarte. Well now she has teamed up with iVillage in the Life Made Easy videos where you can feed a family of at least 4 affordably and easy. Ariane Duarte is a working mother so she knows how imperative it is to be able to cook easily but still be able to afford the ingredients.

There are some awesome videos on there for yummy dishes like steak dinners and even ice cream cake! What is also neat is that these are Wal-Mart sponsored videos so everything that you can find in the videos is available to purchase at Wal-Mart, saving you even more money and in these unstable economic times who can’t use savings when preparing meals your family will enjoy?

Ariane Duarte is in a lot of the videos so you can see her expertise all over again and make these items yourself, in your very own home. The recipes look easy to use and the food looks absolutely delicious. What more could you ask for? The recipe I especially loved was the one with the t-bone steak and watermelon feta salad. It sounds fancy and delicious but again, you can get this meal at an affordable price and prepare it easily.

You Can See More Life Made Easy Videos Here so that you can try some of these delicious recipes and find the one that's right for you.


True Blood ring tone

Now when R calls me I have to wait to answer the phone because I love the new True Blood theme song ring tone he got me. Here is the opening with the song for your enjoyment. I never get tired of this.

Another great contest from Charter


Right now Charter has another super cool contest called Laptop-a-Day Sweepstakes. What it is offering is a chance to win a laptop computer and they’re giving one per day away to lucky winners. The contest runs up until September 15, 2009 so you still have plenty of time to enter. Winners receive a HP 550 Notebook that has a 15 inch screen with Vista and a NeoTec Compu backpack! You can’t beat that!

This contest is perfect for the business person on the go or a student that needs a portable computer. Not only that but you can also get a free gift card and those range from $25 up to $100. Who can’t use that? The gift cards are from a variety of retailers where you can buy home accessories, clothes or visit a restaurant.

Just visit Charter and see how to enter and the rules. You can even get details on the computer they are giving away or see a winner’s list or people who have already benefited from this contest. Charter just keeps giving away wonderful prizes and you can’t go wrong with their service.

Don’t forget to Charter on Facebook and Charter on Twitter.


Just stuff

Went to the gym tonight and saw a friend from my Knology days. It was Kevin and he said they'd let anyone in. He's a fun person to be around. He usually goes in the morning though but hopefully I'll see him again there. R went too this time.

Finished up the KOSA newsletter tonight all but one article that I'm waiting on. Now I have to start again on my articles for WRG. I've done one so far and will start on another tomorrow. They're much more fun to do and easier. I hope we get the contract.

Do you ever find out something about someone that totally blows you away? Not naming names and it's no one on my list or anyone on here so rest assured I'm not talking about you. I heard something the other day that shocked the dickens out of me. I guess it was common knowledge but I sure didn't know and boy was it a whopper. I'm still in the "wow" mode.

The weather has been nicer. If it'd only blow some breeze or drop a few more degrees I could open up the windows and let fresh air in but there is zero breeze so the cool air isn't going anywhere. Right now it's 67, which is awesome.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Gym

I went to my first appointment at the gym today and my personal trainer really kicked my butt. Now before anyone thinks I'm blowing money on something so expensive, I got the trainer for free as part of a program they are offering. So there, that part is settled.

I actually did better than I thought. I did 15 minutes on the treadmill at a fast pace, 15 minutes on the stationary bike and three reps of 10 each on weight training machines (three of those) and then the aerobics step up thing, which I had to do two sets of. I was exhausted but very proud of myself.

I've also only had 1240 calories today but a lot of those was a darn muffin from Starbucks. I thought it'd be much lower in calories and fat but it was kind of high. I'll know not to get that again. Otherwise I had a sub today and some Healthy Choice soup for lunch. Not a bad start at all.

Anyone locally who wants to join me, the gym is open 24/7 so we can go anytime at all and every piece of equipment other than the weight training has 17 inch screen tv's and speaker outlets or you can just use the closed captioning. It's a really nice place and the people there have been super nice so far. My trainer is really nice and I enjoyed working with him a lot.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I feel like an idiot

...after I saw this on Steven's Humour

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A girl like me (in some ways)

A girl after my own heart! SunEGrl Loves to Shop has a blog post about the new Mustang. Like her, I’ve always loved Mustangs and had one as my first car. Granted, it was a Mustang II but is that really important? LOL Anyway, check out her awesome blog because I’m a fan now. She even has a fan page on Facebook just like I do and that’s another cool thing!

Bumble Blog

I found a really cool blog called Bumble Blog. I really like that with every post there's a picture or neat comment. It makes reading her blog so enjoyable. I love her "My Thursday is better than yours" posts the most and secondly, I love how she talks about the weather cause that is one of the things I love to discuss and hear about. Check it out!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Gym membership

I've been wanting to start my exercise back since I had hurt my back. Yesterday I got a mailer about one of the 24 hour gyms here. You get a free personal trainer for 24 weeks and have to commit to at least 30 mins a day, three times per week. I'm going to check it out since the last time we joined a gym we actually went pretty religiously. Then I had surgery and couldn't go and well, you know how that turns out. Now I'm ready to join one again and supposedly they said to get this deal you just have to have their basic package which is only $20. I know it's a sales gimmick but it still sounds great. I'll let you all know when I chat with them on Monday.

BluFrog Energy Drink has health benefits

BluFrog is an energy drink that has a load a benefits when compared to other drinks. For one, it’s larger than most but the calories are half that of others. Most don’t have ingredients such as Fucoidan-rich Tongan Limu Moui, Quercetin, which is an antioxidant, Thiamin (vitamin B1) and if you’re looking for other vitamins such as B3 and B5, it has more than the others as well. So already it’s healthier, with less sugar and larger in size so you get more bang for your money. Do a comparison between the drinks or check out their site where you can see for yourself just how much better Blu Frog is for your health and your wallet.

The BluFrog contest is still up and running but coming to an end soon so be sure to enter to win a variety of prizes such as a trip to New York during New Year’s, Lolapalloza in Chicago, the ultimate gaming package, a Richard Petty Driving Experience or the winter games in Aspen. You can even enter up to three times by just leaving a blog comment, twittering about the contest or a blog post on your personal blog. It’s that simple!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just claiming my blog somewhere

Please ignore

Worst nightmare ever

I just had the worst nightmare ever. I hardly ever have had them in my entire life but this one was a real winner.

I dreamed I was with my brother in law and he had this mechanism he'd borrowed from work that would locate buried stuff like people. We knew where we thought someone was buried so he brought it along and we went to this area in the middle of the night. It was a deep gully and I was walking to the end to climb the hill part where we were going. He had this Jeep and left me, which made me mad and ask him why he didn't pick me up.

So we're at the top and this thing, you can tell it key words and if someone said that when they were burying someone it'd show up an X where the spot was. We found two spots. He starts digging and we see the underside of a car. He'd dug under it. He starts walking under it and it's creaking so I tell him to stop. We dig it on out and it has a girl in it and her dog. She looks like she's from the 50's but neither were bones, just all rotted and dead. She has on a tiara like she was in a pageant.

I tell him we have to go get someone and we're trying to look at the tag on the car to see how old it is when we see two guys in the trunk area climbing out. I'm like WTF? is going on. Who are you? Is this a joke? One says to me, "No, we're tired of being here just like you." It's a zombie!

Now they start chasing us and I run all the way down the gully thing to this office where he borrowed the thing from. I can't shut the door when I get there cause zombie man is trying to get in. He leaps in and grabs me around the throat. This is the same time Blitz decides mommy is having a nightmare and leaps on me to see if I'm okay. I can feel the zombie on me and I'm trying to scream but as in all of my dreams I have no voice.

I finally figure out I'm dreaming and need to wake up and do so eventually. Lord mercy I was terrified. I figured out it was Blitz cause when I did get up he runs up to me all happy to see that I'm okay. I was too scared to go back to bed so here I am for now.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Take my advice

The next time someone tells you to wait on doing something with the pool cause we're leaving, it's probably a good idea. I told R the other day to wait on doing the pool thing cause we were walking out the door. Instead, he went out there in a huff, tripped and fell in the yard. Supposedly the only dog that came to check on him was Swan. The twins just went to see what Swan was doing. LOL Poor R was laying in the yard on his back and I was in the truck waiting on him. I didn't even know he fell. I told him I would have eventually came to see what was taking so long.

Dog Shampoo

Does your dog smell bad? Do you have to wash him daily or do you have the problem of your dog having dry and flaky skin so you have to wait weeks in between bathing? Maybe you feel like you keep having to rinse your dog over and over and yet it still seems as if he’s not fully rinsed off. Well, Dinovite has a dog shampoo that is all natural and gives your dog that new dog smell.

Dogosuds has tons of useful benefits such as making your furry friend smell clean for longer, it lathers up wonderfully and rinses off like a dream, it has 100% all natural healing oils that works great for sensitive skin and contains not a single drop of perfumes, fillers or chemicals so your dog’s eyes are safe from being irritated. And get this; it also works on skunk odor as well. You can’t beat that in a dog shampoo.

Dogosuds comes in four blends including Essential Oil Blend, Lavender, Peppermint/Tea Tree, and unscented. Each one has different specialties such as the Peppermint Tea Tree and the Essential Oil Blend being a natural deterrent. Try them out and see which one is right for you and your dog, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy each one!

Poor trigger fish

Our trigger fish died. We'd had him for years and he was pretty darn big. He had a tank all to himself since he'd eat anything you put in with him including other fish and any invertebrates. I miss him though and hate that he died. He was pretty special and fun to watch. As soon as I'm able, I want to restock my tanks. Both are pretty slim right now but it's expensive so it'll have to wait a little while. The two large ones (72 gal and 100 gal) have fish in them and the 30 gallon is the one that our trigger lived in. I guess we'll work on that one first.

Save in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for Las Vegas deals then look no further than Early Vegas. There you can find hotel and show deals at rock bottom prices. They offer two ways to save, which includes exclusive discounts and promotional codes for everything from hotels to shows and even car rentals. They also offer travel packages that include the lowest rate you can get on a hotel and on things like shows, car rentals and tours.

So when you think of Vegas, you then get the best Las Vegas specials there is by trying Early Vegas. With prices what they are now on transportation and lodging, you need to find the best deals possible. They allow you to do just that, at substantial savings.

Whether it’s Las Vegas shows or Las Vegas hotels you’re interested in, you can find it all in one place while saving money. Why not have money left over to do the things you really want to in Las Vegas instead of spending it all on a place to stay, car rentals and shows? Enjoy your vacation in Vegas and save money all at the same time with Early Vegas.

New chair

My back has been hurting every since I was toting those books back and forth and my chair is about three years old and seemed like it was ready for chair heaven. The chair I wanted at Wal-Mart was like $159 or so but R said we should look at Office Max. We went there and they had the same one like I wanted but you could sit in them. I sat in it and it wasn't at all comfortable like it looked. I found one for $10 cheaper WITH a built in massager so I got a massage chair for less money and a 3 year warranty for $20. It's a Serta too but we didn't get a sheep. Here's my chair.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Armani Exchange Denim

A|X Armani Exchange is Armani that is affordable, yet still has the same flair and fashion from designer Giorgio Armani. They have new premium denim starting at just $98. And right now they’re having a text A|X contest where you can text the keyword "DENIM2" to ARMANI (276264) to have a chance of winning a pair of denim. This is every day throughout July!

Now my favorites are the indigo destruction (see the picture below), the grey straight leg and the potassium straight leg. I like these because they’re the Armani brand and they’re gorgeous. I’d buy all three pairs in a second. My favorite one is the indigo destruction because I remember wearing distressed jeans in the past and I always loved them. Some happened naturally but sometimes you have to give them a little help. With these, you don’t have to. If you purchase a full price pair of denim between 7/7/09 – 7/19/09 you’ll get a $20 gift card off of your next purchase that equals $100 or more valid 7/30/09 through 8/15/09. You can’t beat that kind of deal!

So if you’re looking for a new pair of designer jeans why not check them out and cash in on some of these great deals they have right now? By the way, they don’t just have denim, check out their accessories, eyewear, watches, jewelry and music.
Check out their A|X Blog while you’re at it.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Almost booted from Target

Tonight we went out for coffee and wanted to pick up a pool light since one of the twins (who shall remain nameless) bit the others and broke them. We decided to go to Target since we always go to Walmart but love Target even more. Their garden center was closed so like we've done before, we opened up the door, stepped to the right and went to grab a pool light since they're not inside. Like I said, we've done it before and it was no biggie.

Tonight this mean guy with his little radio steps and says it's closed and we'll have to leave. R says we were just grabbing a pool light and he tells us the manager said we would have to leave. Now mind you, we had it in our hands. He was very rude and sounded as if he'd honestly have escorted us out when R told him to forget it. We'd just go to Walmart where we were welcome.

We left and didn't buy anything. Now sure, we went somewhere that was off limits after 8 pm (I have no clue why) but seriously, we were there all of 30 seconds and what is the big deal to grab a light and go? When stores can use all the customers they can get lately, why not just walk in and make sure we didn't like steal a fountain or swing set and let us grab our light?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Today we were in the parade at Lynn Haven. It was great except for the heat. By early morning it was already in the 90's I believe and next time I will wear shoes, not sandals. I think my feet are sunburned. Anyway, we had to be up early and I wasn't feeling well last night, which continued into today. So I came home and had a really bad headache and a tummy ache so that means I missed the party they had after the parade. I had really intended on going too. Anyway, here's a picture I took with my cell from the float before we started.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Controlled burn?

Today there was a supposed controlled burn on Panama City Beach and it got out of hand. I'll say, check out this picture! It looks like Armageddon.

It's finally better outside but earlier you could actually watch tiny ashes fall like it was Mount St. Helens or something and tonight it smelled like fire so bad it was hard to breathe. I'm glad it must be under control now. I'm just thinking about the hoards of tourists that are down for the holidays breathing that.

Gourmet chocolate

There’s nothing as tasty as Gourmet Dark Chocolate and at Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, you can get the finest chocolates around. From dark chocolate coated pretzels to my favorite, chocolate dipped marshmallows, you can find anything that has chocolate. One should always know how to savor and really taste gourmet chocolate. Not everyone knows that you should have it at room temperature and let it melt onto your tongue. So regardless of whether you want to enjoy it yourself or know someone who you need to buy a gift for, chocolate is always the best option and especially rich, gourmet chocolate.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The weather

Can you believe it's 76 outside right now? Up until it rained the other day the temperatures were so hot it was unbelievable. We had days of near 100 with a heat index of over 100. The nights never got below the upper 80's and now it's in the 70's. I love it! If it'd actually get about 6 degrees cooler I could open up the windows instead of using the a/c. I know that's not going to happen but it sure is nicer than the sweltering heat we've been having. It looks like it'll be like that all week but the daytime temperatures are back into the 90's. Oh well, can't have it all.

Debt Consolidation

Need credit card counseling because you’re deep in debt? The Credit Exchange is one of the most popular debt consolidation and debt relief businesses in the United States. If you need advice or tips and strategies to help you make an informed decision on how to change your situation, you need to check out their helpful advice.

Many, if not most Americans owe credit card debt, some substantial amounts. With the unstable economy, it’s good to know your options on getting back on track and getting out from under credit card debt that can keep you from furthering your profits. Don’t waste anymore precious time, check them out and see how they can help.


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