Monday, July 6, 2009

Almost booted from Target

Tonight we went out for coffee and wanted to pick up a pool light since one of the twins (who shall remain nameless) bit the others and broke them. We decided to go to Target since we always go to Walmart but love Target even more. Their garden center was closed so like we've done before, we opened up the door, stepped to the right and went to grab a pool light since they're not inside. Like I said, we've done it before and it was no biggie.

Tonight this mean guy with his little radio steps and says it's closed and we'll have to leave. R says we were just grabbing a pool light and he tells us the manager said we would have to leave. Now mind you, we had it in our hands. He was very rude and sounded as if he'd honestly have escorted us out when R told him to forget it. We'd just go to Walmart where we were welcome.

We left and didn't buy anything. Now sure, we went somewhere that was off limits after 8 pm (I have no clue why) but seriously, we were there all of 30 seconds and what is the big deal to grab a light and go? When stores can use all the customers they can get lately, why not just walk in and make sure we didn't like steal a fountain or swing set and let us grab our light?

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