Friday, July 24, 2009

I love free stuff

Tonight I got my free Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair from Dillards. I love the stuff anyway but this is a new formula, which I was told about when I tried to get past the demo by saying I already used the stuff. While I was there I found an excellent deal on mineral makeup. That was neat because before I left the house I told R that I was out of some of my makeup. I got a $35 set for just $10 so I got two. That'll last me forever (or at least 6 months or more). When I was 18 I worked at Dillards. Back then it was called Gayfers and I loved that job. I worked at the jewelry counter but loved the cosmetics girls and the samples they'd shell out to me constantly. I always loved how polished and pretty they looked. Back then I wanted to work that counter so bad but it was usually women who were older than me. Now it seems it's a mix of really young girls or older women. I don't mean old, just older. Anyway, I love my free Night Repair and new makeup. Heck, I love Dillards!

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