Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just stuff

Went to the gym tonight and saw a friend from my Knology days. It was Kevin and he said they'd let anyone in. He's a fun person to be around. He usually goes in the morning though but hopefully I'll see him again there. R went too this time.

Finished up the KOSA newsletter tonight all but one article that I'm waiting on. Now I have to start again on my articles for WRG. I've done one so far and will start on another tomorrow. They're much more fun to do and easier. I hope we get the contract.

Do you ever find out something about someone that totally blows you away? Not naming names and it's no one on my list or anyone on here so rest assured I'm not talking about you. I heard something the other day that shocked the dickens out of me. I guess it was common knowledge but I sure didn't know and boy was it a whopper. I'm still in the "wow" mode.

The weather has been nicer. If it'd only blow some breeze or drop a few more degrees I could open up the windows and let fresh air in but there is zero breeze so the cool air isn't going anywhere. Right now it's 67, which is awesome.

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