Thursday, July 9, 2009

Worst nightmare ever

I just had the worst nightmare ever. I hardly ever have had them in my entire life but this one was a real winner.

I dreamed I was with my brother in law and he had this mechanism he'd borrowed from work that would locate buried stuff like people. We knew where we thought someone was buried so he brought it along and we went to this area in the middle of the night. It was a deep gully and I was walking to the end to climb the hill part where we were going. He had this Jeep and left me, which made me mad and ask him why he didn't pick me up.

So we're at the top and this thing, you can tell it key words and if someone said that when they were burying someone it'd show up an X where the spot was. We found two spots. He starts digging and we see the underside of a car. He'd dug under it. He starts walking under it and it's creaking so I tell him to stop. We dig it on out and it has a girl in it and her dog. She looks like she's from the 50's but neither were bones, just all rotted and dead. She has on a tiara like she was in a pageant.

I tell him we have to go get someone and we're trying to look at the tag on the car to see how old it is when we see two guys in the trunk area climbing out. I'm like WTF? is going on. Who are you? Is this a joke? One says to me, "No, we're tired of being here just like you." It's a zombie!

Now they start chasing us and I run all the way down the gully thing to this office where he borrowed the thing from. I can't shut the door when I get there cause zombie man is trying to get in. He leaps in and grabs me around the throat. This is the same time Blitz decides mommy is having a nightmare and leaps on me to see if I'm okay. I can feel the zombie on me and I'm trying to scream but as in all of my dreams I have no voice.

I finally figure out I'm dreaming and need to wake up and do so eventually. Lord mercy I was terrified. I figured out it was Blitz cause when I did get up he runs up to me all happy to see that I'm okay. I was too scared to go back to bed so here I am for now.

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