Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I've recently discovered the lost art of bartering. In today's economy it has come in handy. Not everyone has the money to spend on luxuries and while I consider a website a must, some can't afford one right now. However, I love trading things. I recently traded an ad and some other stuff for a site. What I'm really looking for is yard work traded for a site. I had one guy call me but he hasn't called back and I really want someone professional, not someone who'll call then never hear from them again. In the past I traded dog training for a site so it really does work out good sometimes. I think more people should use bartering, especially with a lot of people struggling for money lately.

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Anonymous said...

I am bartering with http://barterquest.com. It's a great site where you can swap almost everything: goods, services and real estate.


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