Friday, August 21, 2009


I know I'm going to annoy someone with this but there's something I don't get. I have a fan page on Facebook for Karsun Designs, which you can visit here. I don't understand why some people don't click the button to be a fan after I send it to them and they're family or close friends. Yet others I don't even know are fans and that really makes my day. How hard is it to just click the button? If I had a close friend or family member who asked me to be a fan of their business I would do it in a second. It's petty I know but it's not so petty to me. Oh well, please do if you want.


BenSpark said...

I was going to say "Hey that linke doesn't go to your fan page because I can't add myself as a fan." Opps I was already a fan from way back so my bad.

I would say, "hey where is your badge for this blog", look at and you will see a link to the fan page. Post up one here and you'll get more fans.

Karsun said...

But I do. :) Look to your upper right.


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