Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Check out your favorite fantasy team

WaiverWire is a fantasy football site that’s brand new. It was created by former Wall Street guys who love football and were tired of the financial markets. They built this awesome website that allows you to build your fantasy football team and more. It has:
*Fantasy football draft software
*Fantasy football news
*Fantasy football analysis
*Fantasy football forum
*Fantasy football research
*Access to over 100 Local NFL team news feeds
*Fantasy football rankings
*Fantasy player comparisons

There are three packages you may be interested in: the stimulus package, the in-season pass or the full-season pass. Each package has different benefits and you can also sign up for free with the stimulus package or get a free trial on the full-season pass that allows you the intelligent draft software. The usual prices range from $19.99 to $99.99 but now the highest cost is only $29.99 and the lowest is free!

I really liked checking out the teams and how you can browse them by divisions so it’s easy to find your favorite. Once you choose a team you can view statistics by rushing, passing, first downs, etc…everything you need to know to build your fantasy team. As you can see, I pulled up the New Orleans Saints and was able to compare them to other teams. Check it out, you’ll love the site.


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